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The Fda And Genetically Modified Food

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Imagine your favorite restaurant and all of the different menu choices. As you flip through the menu, the pictures can be really deceiving. The picture of the double cheeseburger with a slim sheet of lettuce, crisp onions and fleshly sliced tomatoes looks too perfect. The sizzling fajita and steak entrees look so delicious that they seem to jump off the page into your mouth. After making a satisfying decision, have you ever wondered where the food comes from? In my experiences, I avoid this thought because it might influence me to leave the restaurant. In the United States, about 75% of all the food consumed has been genetically modified in some way (Center for Food Safety). For example, 85% ...view middle of the document...

With little regulatory restraints and no labelling requirements, food companies are misleading the public into believing that genetically modified foods are safer and more efficient. One misuse of a gene can be unpredictable and inherently dangerous. According, to Jeffrey M. Smith, writer of the 2012 movie of the year Genetic Roulette, “genetically modified foods are a major contributor to rising disease rates in the U.S. population, especially among children” (Smith). “Gastrointestinal disorders, allergies, inflammatory diseases, and infertility are just some of the problems” (Smith). Genetically modified foods have transformed the food industry; however, the effects of this production raise questions for human health, the environment, and the future.
As shown in previous years, genetically modified foods can contain toxins and harmful allergies that are detrimental to human health. In 1994, a powerful food company called Monsanto produced rBGH, a genetically modified protein that helped cows produce more milk faster. The dairy products that contained this milk significantly raised human’s insulin-like growth factor potentially causing breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. This genetically engineered hormone was so controversial that a U.S Congressional agency told the FDA not to approve it. After the FDA approved rBGH in 1994, Canadian scientists found that rBGH significantly affected a lab rat’s prostate and showed early signs for this cancer. As a result of this research, Canada banned all dairy products with rBGH in 1999. Shockingly, the U.S continues to inject rBGH into 10% of dairy cows today and stands by its decision that this protein is undoubtedly safe ("TED Case Studies"). The next gallon of milk you pick off the shelf may or may not contain rBGH; it remains a mystery. A similar genetically modified food disaster occurred in 2000 when reports linked Kraft Taco Bell shells with an illegal and allergenic corn called StarLink. The corn in the shells was genetically modified with a pest resistance protein, CRY9C, that helped prevent insects (Pollack). However, the Environmental Protection Agency only approved StarLink for animal feed and industrial purposes after there were safety concerns for human consumption (Pollack). Nonetheless in 2000, this law did not stop the protein from entering the food supply of Taco Bell, a very popular fast food service. This controversy caused a media uproar and led to the recall of millions of dollars and food products connected with StarLink (Pollack). An investigation also reported that more than twenty eight people had experienced allergic reactions from these taco shells (“Investigation”). Demonstrated by rBGH and StarLink, genetically modified foods can clearly impact human health. These foods not only affect human health but also can be catastrophic to the environment.
The effects of genetically engineered crops have already caused environmental damage. Many insects...

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