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The Fda Should Be Required Toregulate The Ingredientsin Energy Drinks

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Energy Drinks Are Harmful
Consuming energy drinks such as Red Bull, Monster and the 5- Hour Energy Shot, which contains caffeine and other additives, is dangerous to an individual’s health and in some cases fatal. Manufacturers of energy drinks claim consumption of their products will improve athletic performance, concentration and reaction time, as well increase basal metabolism. However, manufacturers’ of energy drinks add additional energy-enhancing ingredients such as glucose, taurine, guarana and ginseng. Each of those ingredients has numerous adverse side effects, see table 1 on page 8. Yet, energy drink manufacturers are not required to list the amount or type of ...view middle of the document...

D., L.D., of the Mayo Clinic, “for most people, occasional energy drinks are fine.” It certainly sounds like a “magic” product, so why the concern? A major worry is inconclusive evidence regarding the effects of energy drink consumption. There exists a vast amount of published literature concerning the potential risks and benefits of individual ingredients, however, none have evaluated the combined effects of the whole energy drink, which includes various other additives. Therefore, the health effects of energy drinks as a whole remain unknown (Burrows, Pursey, Neve, & Stanwell, 2013). Consequently, a summary of the Food and Drug Administration reports more than 30 cases of life-threatening injuries and deaths associated with the consumption of energy drinks since 2009 (Meier, 2012). Consuming doses higher than the recommended amount may result in life threatening injuries or even death; therefore, the FDA should be in a position to regulate the ingredients added to energy drinks.
Energy Drinks
In 1949, a chemist from Chicago introduced the first vitamin pumped caffeinated soft drink called Dr. Enuf. Soon after, many new energy drinks rapidly became popular for those seeking a quick burst of energy. Energy drink manufacturers have become quite successful by introducing a variety of energy drinks to consumers. Subsequently, the growth of energy drinks popularity has grown exponentially. Furthermore, according to Gary Hemphill, director of research for the Beverage Marketing Corporation, by the end of 2013-energy drinks skyrocketed to an outstanding $11 billion in retail sales (Engber, 2013). Unfortunately, the significance of these numbers is alarming considering that $2.3 billion of energy drinks sales comes from teens and young adults (Rath, 2012).
Energy drinks are freely available in most grocery stores, quick shops and gas stations. Additionally, manufacturers market their energy drinks to appeal to younger individuals. Energy drinks come packaged in appealing, brightly colored containers with cute names that are attractive to younger consumers, such as “Sonic Boom,” “Unleash the Beast” and “Full Throttle”. Unfortunately, since there is no age limit to purchase energy drinks, many adolescence are running the risk of serious complications and in some instances even death. Excessive consumption of caffeine may cause or aggravate cardiac arrhythmias and other complications. Visits to the emergency room for teenagers and young adults suffering from complications after consuming energy drinks are on the rise. In fact, according to Paccione-Dyszlewski, “emergency room visits involving energy drinks doubled from 10,000 in 2007 to more than 20,000 in 2011”. Teenagers and young adults make up most of those visits (Paccione-Dyszlewski, 2013). Furthermore, some psychiatric conditions such as mania, psychosis, anxiety and panic attacks is known to be exacerbated or induced by excessive consumption of caffeine. For example, a 28-year old professional...


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