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The Fear Of Being Distant From Home

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Imagine to be enclosed in your house because you are afraid to be outside? Feeling lonely and demonstrate having the temptation to twist the knob on your door asking yourself should I? Can I? A lot of people in the world are having this problem, but a large number of people do not present this fear to the public. People might think this fear is crazy or these are lazy to go outside, but the fear is to be in open spaces or places where scape is difficult and the people feel frequently panic attacks. People with this type of anxiety disorder are very common to have Agoraphobia. Affect their daily routines and do not accept any help from nobody. According to “the anxiety of the ...view middle of the document...

The fear to be outside is a consequence of balance disorders; such as panic attacks and the situation which escape would be difficult or humiliating.
As an example, the article “Agoraphobia can make prisoner in your own house” in the Dominion Post, explained a “Cushia Managh” is a woman whose career was destroyed by being a prisoner in her own house. She had panic attacks, hyperventilation and high heart beats for feel trapped in her own space. According to the phobic trust, “agoraphobia is a chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain or a genetic predisposition who affects people on their mental health.” Cushia Managh suffered panic attacks very frequently and the symptoms were out of control, for that reason she decided to stay home and avoid places where situations cause her emotional tranquility. This condition affected her in her social life. She did not want to go anywhere because the fears to be around people made her feel that something wrong will happen. In some cases the agoraphobia stop normal lives and the people think that is the last day of life in this world.
However, if we are not yet able to take control and change our life, this fear stops our daily routines and has harmful physical and emotional effects. Ten years ago, I was affected by emotional disorder that causes me to stay home and not work. It was hard for me to take my children to school or something simple as to go to buy groceries. My life changed and everyone around me when I stayed home because my fear increased day by day. I had a psychiatric treatment with tranquilizers and therapy. The hard situation of panic that I had it was when I had to cross the border to visit my family in Mexico. The time waiting seemed forever. In a car the wait is three to four hours and the fear to have no ambulances or paramedics in case that something was to happen to me made me have panic...

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