The Feared Gender Essay

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Nearly 300 young female students in Northern Nigeria were kidnapped by the terrorist group, Boko Haram, one month ago. The fear of progression and the threat to extremism causes a target on these girls. With an education these girls will be more powerful and filled with the knowledge to transform a society, something these extremist groups will continue to try desperately to stop, sparing no lives. It is a sad time when girls don’t go to school because they are afraid reading books will cause their deaths. The name of the group itself means, “Western Education is Sinful”. With the intent of back peddling any progression of women in a society powered by patriarchy, this militant group will ...view middle of the document...

She miraculously survived and fled Pakistan for the US where she still continues to support women’s rights and push for gender equality. Although she now lives in a country that is not divided by war, she will still face similar inequalities in this country.

In America the main issue involves women in the workplace. Although women make up 50% of the American workforce there is a large gap in the types of positions men and women hold. The number of woman managers and leaders is far less than men. (Sex Segregation in the US) Women also make 77 cents for every dollar a man makes. Although women have made significant strides in obtaining equality over the last 50 years, the growth towards equality has stalled over the last 20 years. Assuming that women have obtained the same equality in the workplace as women is a naïve interpretation of the data. This data shows that, yes, women have become more educated, making up a larger percentage of college students than men, women have been able to gain success in fields of leadership more than they have in the past, but the disparity between men and women in the workforce is still a strong one. The glass ceiling still exists.

There are more and more courageous women taking a stance against the oppression of women around the world. Recently the Facebook page, “Stealthy Freedoms of Iranian Women”, was created supporting Iranian women posting pictures discarding their hijab as a sign of rejecting the strict Tahran rules requiring women...

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