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The Features Of Written Language And Speech

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The Features of Written Language and Speech

In English language there are two different ways of actually
presenting language. These are written language and speech. These two
factors of speech both include many different features between
themselves. These features are mostly opposite to each other as they
are completely different ways of presenting language.

Written language is structured into paragraphs unlike general speech
which is hardly thought about before being said and is flowing
naturally. There is also syntax used in writing as sentences are
structured as more time and thought is put into writing, however in
speech, sentences are less structured and there are a variety of short
and long sentences. Punctuation is not used in speech as we acquire
the language naturally, whereas in written language there are many
different punctuation symbols which are used to identify certain
things for instance: pauses, lists, a signal for speech and also many
other symbols, this creates a certain effect which allows a reader to
read a piece of writing with pace and fluency.

When speaking not much thought is put into it as in most general
conversations speech is spontaneous, which follows onto the use of
less formal words in English language. These words are known as slang
words as they are not officially words in the English language however
they are words which English people use. These words also known as
dialect tend to change from different regions in the country just like
accents do. However, when writing the language used becomes
contradictory to speech as it is very much formal in most situations
and it leaves less opportunity for regional differences. This leaves
the piece of writing with a higher status than speech as it is thought
to have more value as of the language used.

Spoken language can be directed to a number of people whereas written
language can be directed to many but is still very personal and
confidential. It can be read at a reader’s individual pace so he/she
does not have to keep up with the writer. This is different to when
speech is used it is often directed to a group of people and even if
it is a one to one conversation the speech is usually transient which
means it is directly...

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