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The Government Inspector Written By Nikolai Gogol,

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The Government Inspector written by Nikolai Gogol, performed by the State theatre Company uses extravagant sets, over the top acting, beautiful costumes/make up, innovative use of music and effective lighting, to present a humorous reflection of society's corruption and selfishness. It's set on the stage of the Dunstan Playhouse between 19th century Russia and 1950s suburban Australia, Adam Cook creates an amusing blend of the two contrasting cultures and uses them to tell the story of The Government Inspector. When he made The Governor inspector, Gogol attempted to take everything he saw as bad in Russia and bring it all together in a way, that everything could be laughed at once, while Adam Cook wanted to do this play because "both the play and it's translation have a lot to say about our society and it's relation to the world and there's a great pleasure for me in hearing it said in an Australian Idiom." (Adam Cook- Director's Note - 2005 Education Program).The Government Inspector is about a unimportant official, who travels to the town and is mistaken for a high ranking Governor inspector, which he plays along with, after taking numerous bribes and other advantages of the ignorant populous. The major theme in this play is Greed and corruption, which is present in any culture around the world.Dean Hills' set design in The Governor Inspector has produced a set that is practical and pleasing to the eye, "while making no attempt to create the illusion that the world goes on beyond the walls of our set" (Adam Cook - Directors note - 2005 Education Program). The set is extremely well designed, in that without making to many adjustments; the set can be transformed into three different locations. Using the filing cabinets to block the doorways from the audience, while at the same time, it adds to the effect of the scene, creating a busy, unkempt, unorganized feeling to the meeting area to which we are first introduced. The hotel room that the governor impostor (Paul Blackwell) stays in with his incompetent servant Osip (Geoff Revell) is small, dark, and claustrophobic, which is exaggerated when the Mayor (Don Barker) and Bobchinsky (Michael Habib) enter, who are 6'5'. The entire room is out of proportion but most notably is the bed that we see Osip (Geoff Revell) sleeping in, which effectively allows the audience to observe the character's every move. Two seemingly irrelevant aspects, Dean Hills uses in the hotel scene, the glass window above the door and the portrait with the trap door that Dobchinsky (Jonathan Mill) uses to eavesdrop on the conversation in the hotel room, while not adding to the storyline, adds a comical interruption to the ongoing dialogue in the scene. An interesting way Adam Cook expanded the audiences' suspension of disbelief, is when the governor impostor (Paul Blackwell), is about to smoke a cigar but cant find a match, showing that now everyone is at his beck and call even inanimate objects, the chandelier comes down...

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