The Federal Government Should Fund The Police Forces

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Millions of free citizens around the world have reported misconduct by law enforcement officers. In the United States alone, 8,800 officers have been reported as using excessive force when performing their job (Packman). One of the major causes of excessive use of force by the police is anxiety and rage brought on by low compensation. The police is a force that is meant to protect the people against threats, not to be a threat. Police are not compensated enough for the dangerous job they dedicate themselves to perform each day. The Federal Government should provide a safe environment to properly maintain a lawful country. When police do not perform their job correctly, the environment is not ...view middle of the document...

When the economy is poor, people tend to lean more towards crime, and a strong police force can help prevent this and keep more people employed. More police on the job will drastically reduce crime and the best way to increase the number of police units is to give more funds to supplement the police force with a major raise in officer salary.
As a country, the safety of the individual is very important. Increased funds into the police force will create a safer environment. In America, every 14 seconds a house is broken into. Some of these break ins lead to assault and/or murder. A major way to prevent this is by increasing the funding the police force. “The COPS grant in Minneapolis created a lower crime rate that the city has never seen before” (Eisler). By putting more cops on the street, committing crime will become much more difficult for criminals. In turn, the robbers will be less inclined to commit crimes because of the added numbers of police officers which brings a higher risk of being caught. In addition, without funding the police force, more officers will lose their job, causing criminal activity to skyrocket. With inflation going up, more and more cops will be let go due to lack of funding. The remaining police force is then required to perform the same tasks with less personnel, making each officer less effective. When the funding goes up the crime rate will fall. Funding from the Federal Government will provide money to spend on the police force which further advance the police force. It provided new technology, better equipment and a more involved police force (Foner). New technology can bring new advancements like databases, weapons, security systems and new types of criminal investigation squadrons. Cold case squads could further investigate unsolved cases to clear the streets of criminals that have committed crimes in the past. Doing these things will be the result of increased funding of the police force and is a prime example of why the Federal Government should heavily fund law enforcement.
Federal funding will prevent abuse of the law by police officers. Some of the ways that police abuse the law is by creating unneeded tickets, wrongfully taking others possessions and using excessive force, usually referred to as “police brutality.” In some cases, allegations of police brutality are false; however, some officers use unnecessary force and innocent people suffer. In America, there are numerous cases of law enforcers that harass innocent citizens physically, mentally or verbally. Police men and women are supposed to prevent crime, not create it. “One of the main reasons that police brutality occurs is due to the mental, as well as physical, health of the officer. One of the underlying causes of these syndromes or states of being is the lack of wages, which is brought on by less funding to the police” (Cao). Dashboard cameras are one attempt to help stop police abuse but they are easily able to be removed and turned off and...

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