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The money that lies within the federal level of government is not only what the federal level of government revolves around, but also at the state and local community levels as well. It ultimately takes this American ideal, like Barack Obama talks about in his Democratic Convention speech, that America gives you the ability to make yourself whoever you want to be, and completely distorts it. Money turns the reality of America into being that you can only be whoever you want to be if you born into wealth and were one of the lucky ones in society. The problem with this idea is that those who were born into this unlucky realm; this really poor and unfortunate realm everyday have to face those lucky ones who claim that they are only poor because they are lazy and unmotivated not because they were not born with the financial capability of doing anything with their. The government has the ability to create the ideals for the rest of the nation; being mostly elitists themselves they cannot relate to the unlucky individuals of society and by not accepting the well-roundedness of everyone, you can only be part of the wealthy class to contribute to these ideals. Why does money determine who gets to set up these ideals for the whole nation? Do those that have no material status therefore almost get deleted from this society? What is to say that the wealthy are not taking this country in a bad direction?

Starting with the federal government’s distorted view on how wealth and status should be the factors that determines who runs the country and gradually moving to how easily this same ideal can rub off onto each individual’s idea of what their main focus should be it is relatively easy to see how those that are not up to par are deleted. Within Darrel M. West’s article, The Sound of Money, he states that “dominant interests wish to restrict the scope of conflict while prospective losers often seek to expand it, with each side understanding that the definition of alternatives is the supreme instrument of power” (1999:16). What he is saying is that at the federal level there is this upper-class accent and corporate dominance that is scared of change; scared of alternatives that they feel would go astray from their elitist point and maybe even fear that they would be turned into the minority within the society. On the other end of the spectrum there are those that want change because they feel like they are being oppressed and are being put in a minority situation constantly. They are open- minded and feel like by accepting all of the alternatives out there society could have a well rounded perspective. Being a conservative Republican myself sometimes I feel scared of the alternatives and where society might go if the fortunate people were to change, but I have always believed in well-roundedness is the best option in most situations. West also states that “organized interests have grown more numerous, more active politically, and more representative of the...

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