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The Cost Effectiveness Of Online Education

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Many people think online education can be more expensive than a traditional school setting. Previous generations did not have the option for online learning experience, so why should we start now? An interesting point about online education is that LeBaron (2010) states, “The largest school in the U.S. is the University of Phoenix Online, with a whopping 380,232 students. That’s over 5x more than the largest public school, Arizona State University, which has 68,064 students” (para. 7). Despite the cost effectiveness, distance education is becoming the educational model of the future.
As the economy has changed in the last ten years so has the schools budgets and they are looking for ways to keep costs down. There is much evidence that distance education can be more cost effective than traditional education. Everyone can save a substantial amount of money by going with an online education because schools would not need facilities and equipment. Schools would also save money by not needing to provide services and programs to students. Students would save by not needing to drive to and from school, buy school supplies, and they can earn a degree in half the time than a traditional school setting.
First, with an online education, the traditional school system for grade schools and colleges or universities can save money because there would be no need for facilities and equipment. The University of Florida predicts that there will be several grade schools taking on online learning in the next ten years that mean students will improve academically, and schools can save money (Lansford, 2009). Lawrence (2012) stated, “A recent study out of the University of Texas shows that universities can gain operating savings of as much as 50% by offering courses online” (para. 6). Facilities will not be needed because students will be accessing their education from home with the use of the internet.
Since, schools have noticed that online learning has helped reduce the cost with putting money into running a school, additionally online education has become popular in the last ten years and it has helped schools with budget issues. There is little to no use of paper the cost of photocopying is down and the cost of maintaining and upkeep of a photocopier is down, as well. Schools that offer online programs are using electronic communication, which reduces the phone bill cost. An online education not only can save money but also according to Gupta and Simon (2010), “Online courses offer an alternative, effective, and innovative strategy for providing needed educational opportunities” (para. 37). With that said, online education can be a beneficial learning experience for everyone to learn.
It is easy to see that, without facilities, there would be no need for substitute teachers, and it reduces the need for so many teachers which mean this learning methodology mostly involves independent studying which does not involve a teacher. By not needing a school building,...

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