The Female Character In Besson's Films

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Luc Besson, is a French film director, writer, and producer who has been involved with numerous films over the past 30 years in the industry. His films have varied throughout the years and he has brought his talents to the United States where he produced/directed many French-American films. Besson is known in the United States for being “a superior director of stylish, mayhemic, even soulful films like ‘La Femme Nikita’.” He has also produced a 2011 film titled “Colombiana” of which he co-produced and wrote and has a strong similarity with “La Femme Nikita.” As a director, producer and screenwriter, Besson makes sure that his creative vision is visible and is displayed throughout his work. For both “La Femme Nikita” and “Colombiana” there are a lot of “Besson similiarites” that are shown.
Besson, unfortunately went through an accident which had made him unable to dive and to pursue his dreams of becoming a marine biologist. At the age of 17, he had discovered television and cinema. Deciding to pursue a film career at the age of 19, Besson left for Hollywood where he studied films for three years. He said:
“So I took a piece of paper and on the left I put everything I could do, or had skills for, and all the things I couldn't do. The first line was shorter and I could see that I loved writing, I loved images, I was taking a lot of pictures. So I thought maybe movies would be good. But I thought that to really know I should go to a set. And a friend of mine knew a guy whose brother was a third assistant on a short film. It's true” (The Guardian.)
Besson created numerous amounts of short films and silent films.
“So, I said: "OK, let's go on the set." So I went on the set and the first thing that I remember is that there was this big truck outside and then I saw the cables which were like, umbilical, and you found the set by following the cables and it was like..."wow". And then you arrived in a room and it was full of light and I fell in love. ...
… The day after I went back to see my mum and told her that I was going to make films and stop school and 'bye. And I did it! Very soon after I made a short film and it was very, very bad. I wanted to prove that I could do something, so I made a short film. That was in fact my main concern, to be able to show that I could do one” (The Guardian.)
As Besson gained more experience with film making, be began producing remarkable work which gave him countless awards and was marked as very outstanding for a 24-year old director.
One of Besson’s biggest film productions in which he directed and wrote, and his largest hit was “La Femme Nikita” released in 1990. The synopsis of the movie happens to be about a troubled young woman who really doesn’t have anyone to turn to in her life. She finds herself in jam after committing a robbery and murdering a cop. However, instead of serving her sentence, she is taken is and transformed into a sophisticated yet deadly government assassin where she is given an...

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