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The Feminist Theory Essay

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The Feminist TheoryBy Kimberly DeVaneyPHL 202After learning about all the major theories of philosophy, I think that I like the Feminist theory the best.The only real "working" explanation of the feminist theory I found is the one where Feminist Ethics is said to be an attempt to revise, reformulate, or rethink those views of traditional western ethics that have depreciated or devalued women's moral experiences. In this way the feminist theory recognizes the fact that some female and caring ethical issues have feminist features, and that most of the theorists who are developing female and/or caring approaches to ethics view themselves as feminists. It's difficult to see what makes an approach to ethics "feminist" as opposed to simply "female" and/or "caring." One can see where the Feminist theory is a unique theory.We didn't spend much time studying about it in class. The course book didn't even emphasize the Feminist theory, unlike most of the other except ones. I think that the Feminist theory strongly answers societies current belief that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. In my opinion, I see it as the other way around though. Society's belief in the Feminist theory has lead to the acceptance of the fact that men and women are created, beyond the obvious physical differences, differently mentally.It is a known fact that professors of Ethics believe that the Feminist theory isn't a complete theory. They can't see how psychological differences could account for a difference in the way that men and women address situations or let alone how they process input and ideas when thinking. Others though, find a great debate in whether this is, or even whether it should be considered, as a workable, functioning theory. They believe that the Feminist theory can't stand the test of a working theory. They contend that it doesn't have consistency and coherence, justification, plausibility, and usefulness. I think that the fact that no one can definitely defend his or her view on whether or not there should be a Feminist theory gives it credence and life.In the Feminist Ethics, feminist philosopher Alison Jaggar blames traditional western ethics for failing women in five related ways. She states that, "First, it shows little concern for women's as opposed to men's interests and rights." This is relevant in that even in today's society where women may be voted into the congress or the senate, women aren't elected into the position of the President of the United States. They may run, but they won't be able to hold the office.Then Ms. Jagger says that the second way western ethics fails women is, "It dismisses as morally uninteresting the problems that arise in the so-called private world - the realm in which women cook, clean, and care for the young, the old, and the sick." This is the most saddening. Society recognizes the need for this world, but it doesn't see where women should be compensated, let alone praised for their contributions.She goes on...

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