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The Feminization Of The Community Corrections Work Force Critique Based Upon The Conceptual Article By Jo G. Holland

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Running head: ARTICLE CRITIQUEArticle Critique: The Feminization of the Community Corrections Work Force January 17, 2012This is a critique of an article that has been written in a historical context by Jo G. Holland and published in Corrections Today titled; "The Feminization of the Community Corrections Work Force". This article discusses issues related to women in the male dominated correctional profession.SUMMARYDespite the challenges in recent years, there has been an increase in the opportunities for women in their battle for recognition as being equal to their male counterparts in regard to position and financial advancement. The past and current trends in female participation rates within the male dominated correctional system are discussed and what involvement these trends will have in the future of correctional management and employment. Also discussed in this article are the statistics and the probabilities for improvement to further enhance women's chances for creating equal opportunities for employment within the correctional system.PROBLEM SPECIFIED IN THE ARTICLEThe problems specified in the article address the internal and external barriers that women are facing in corrections that inhibit career development opportunities, in which are different from those of men. "Women employed in a field numerically dominated by men also face exclusion from informal work cultures; hostility expressed at the interactional level; organizational policies that promote gender segregation; differential assignments; and sexual harassment," (Holland, 2008, p. 45).ANALYSIS OF THE DATAThe author addresses several studies concerning the barriers that women "are conducive to equal opportunity based upon knowledge, skills and abilities," (Holland, 2008, p. 45). One such study that was conducted for the National Institute of Corrections, in which found that "the distribution for men and women in the field of corrections, reflected the general pattern of gender polarization and gender segregation of occupations in the labor force," (Holland, 2008, p. 45). This same study showed that in a field that is dominated by men, women faced exclusion from informal work cultures, hostility, gender segregation, differential assignments, and sexual harassment. Women do not have the same support systems as...

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