The Fete Essay

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The Fête

“Do you want some ice cream?”

Jake looked at Quill with amazement. They’d already had fried chicken, corn on the cob, coleslaw, and strawberry shortcake. The feast had been to help the local Moose Lodge. “Who’s providing the ice cream?” Jake said with a sigh. Quill had insisted it was important to patronize every local organization. He’d even been bugging Jake to get his face painted since the money went for the summer flowers that cheerfully spilled out of planters all along the streets, including in front of Galaxy Toys.

“The Rainbow Girls.”


“It’s like scouting. They have good ice cream, and some of the girls are my customers.”

“Fine. You have ice cream. I’m going to find some shade and digest.”

“They might have rainbow sherbet,”

“Get Sam. He’s the one into rainbows.” Sam had regaled Jake with tales of the pride night party and rainbow butt cheeks. While Jake hadn’t wanted to say it and be accused of ganging up against a fellow brat, he secretly agreed with Dan. Rainbows on the facial cheeks were more than enough.

“He’s with Sam, judging the pet parade. The local organizers wanted a real live vicar for a judge. Someone watched too much BBC America.”

“I heard,” Jake said with a laugh. “Sam was teasing Dan unmercifully about his special talent, judging pet parades and the biscuit baking contest.”

“Hey, there’s Sam now,” Quill said and waved him over.

Sam had eschewed the appropriate attire of a proper spouse to a local religious leader and was dressed in plaid Bermudas, a pink polo shirt, and a necklace of seashells. “Do you like my new neck wear,” he said with a grin, flipping his hand under a shell to accentuate the beauty of the necklace and his long thin neck.

“Behave,” Quill mocked growled.

Sam batted his eyes at Jake’s partner, not impressed by Quill’s attempt at toppiness. “Honey, you have a long way to go if you want to bring us brats into line. That growl wouldn’t frighten a teddy bear.”

“Have you seen Quill’s teddy bear? It’s biker bear on the loose,” Jake said, warming up to the subject.

“Jake,” Quill interrupted, a good natured smile on his face, “not all teddy bears have to be as upstanding as Paddington. Where did you get those shorts?”

“Yard sale. Someone had to liven up the day with Dan in black pants and a collar. It’s a village festival, not a funeral. I’m sure I could get you a pair. The church rummage sale always has a great collection.”

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll stick to buying old Scrabble sets that are missing the letters z and j.”

“Your loss is my gain.” Sam smiled a broad grin, which could light up an entire village without the help of Thomas Edison.


“Yep, that’s me.”

Jake looked around, hoping that anyone close enough to hear was either occupied with screaming children or old enough to be in need of an ear trumpet. He preferred incognito status; it was OK to kid around in private but not in public.

“Let’s get our faces...

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