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The Feud Over Gay Marriage Essay

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The Feud Over Same-Sex Marriage
Imagine a society where it’s not even common to see a married man and woman walking around with kids, and instead you see two men or two women walking around holding hands and kissing, would this site make you very comfortable or would you be a little weirded out. This is the exact direction that our country is taking as we speak right now, with each state giving same-sex marriage a second thought, and most starting to make heterosexual marriage legal. There are plenty of people who disagree with this and that are taking a stance against gay marriage. With all of the gay activism going on it is starting to turn into a battlefield between the two sides.
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I would not say thormation that he has in this is up to date, making this article a very good source to learn more about marriage, in the eyes of a normal civilian.The whole topic of gay marriage has evolved a ton over the number of years that it has been introduced into our society. It has become a very hot topic and the center of attention for the past couple of years now and it is only growing a bigger reputation of being something that is alright to do. Our own government can’t even decide on what their own opinions on the topic are because they are too worried about losing supporters who believe something else. Gay marriage automatically brings up a loss into a child’s life, leaving them to grow up in a household without a parent figure. Our country was founded and started upon the Christian roots that the four Founding Fathers had planned it to be. The large and main picture of this whole mess is that same-sex marriage is wrong and shouldn’t be legalized throughout the states.
Trying to get a little more concrete evidence on the other side of things, I decided to look at this article Gay Activism, going over the years from when gay activism first started to gay activism nowadays, Thomas B. Stoddard really gets true hard facts showing that gay activism has grown over the years.Gay activism is the effort to eliminate the discrimination against homosexual men and women. The Stonewall Riot of June 1969 was what sparked the term for gay activism. In 1980 gay activists groups started to act against the discrimination of AIDS. Since the 1990’s gay activists have gained ground in the fight for equalism.
I believe that gay activist have gained a lot of ground from the time that they started their movement to now in 2014. It is very sad to see our government just giving into the whole thing, knowing that our government was built on top of the Biblical foundations, and that our country is now falling away from those foundations to please the lives of a minority population. It makes me so mad that this can be a huge controversy, knowing that the union between one man and one women is being ripped apart. The author really doesn’t appear to be bias on this topic, if he is then he is really good at not showing it through his writing. He uses facts showing how gay activism has grown.
Anywhere you look in a society you will find a household with both a motherly figure and a fatherly figure, except for homes that have a gay couple for parents. Even if one of the parents is not a birth parent but a stepparent, everyone will agree that both motherly and fatherly figures are important. A child who grows up in a household missing either a mother or father figure will not have the same influence and impact on their lives as a child with both mother and father. Now someone may argue and say that they have made it through their childhood and life without a father or mother just fine, and I guarantee right now that they will admit to not having the right...

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