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The Fight Against School Violence Essay

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“The US Department of Education based on their recent surveys has reported that at least ten percent of the schools in the entire United States of America are faced with problems associated with violence and in these schools there is at least one serious case of crime other than thefts and physical attacks”(School Violence...). The article, School Violence-a Survey, on the School Violence, Weapons, Crime, and Bullying website clearly states a rising problem within the US. It seems as if the news has a constant flow of new school violence cases, and there is no indication of slowing down. It is truly shocking to think that teens could cause so much destruction in their own schools. Nevertheless, school violence cases occur quite frequently. In the article, “School Violence-a Survey”, it recaps events from some of these tragic cases. In 1990 at Columbine High School, two students, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, contributed to the deaths of twelve innocent students and a school staff member. The pair also injured twenty three others before killing themselves. Unfortunately, these two young men were depressed because of bullying by their classmates and were upset with the school atmosphere. Their solution was to take the law into their own hands and fix the problem themselves (School Violence...). They took very drastic measures; misusing weapons they were possibly not even educated on and caused severe damage to many lives. Even though these individuals caused serious harm, there was first some harm done to them. It is no secret that bullying is prevalent in schools everywhere, thus affecting many children. According to the School Violence, Weapons, Crime and Bullying website under the article “Important school violence statistics”, 32% of students aged 12 to 18 reported cases of bullying in 2007. The cases included reports of being made fun of, becoming outcasts from certain activities, and being threatened with physical harm. Every school tries to prevent such incidents, but the efforts never seem to be enough. Schools need to educate students on weapons, self defense, and prevention of bullying in order to teach them right from wrong.

Students are taught how to read and write but not how to properly handle weapons or situations involving them. “In most school shootings, the teenage shooters were first introduced to guns in their own homes. In some cases, teens involved in violent incidents steal the weapons they use from their parents. In other cases they are actually given the weapons” (Croft 35). If teens were properly taught how to use weapons, then they would be less likely to mistreat them. They would know the right and wrong thing to do when guns are involved. Even if the weapon is not a gun teens should still be taught about it and how to properly handle it as well as the correct and incorrect uses for that particular weapon. Many students do not understand the seriousness of the weapons they hold. A...

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