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The Fight Against Gun Control Essay

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It’s the middle of the night; you have been hearing croaks and cracks around the house, and then BAM! You hear a crash, you rush downstairs just to see that a crook has broken into your house and is holding you at gunpoint. What do you do? Go grab a bat? Maybe a knife? No. You need a gun. An already hot topic has gotten even hotter over the past few years. A very controversial issue: gun control. Many people believe in the second amendment and the right to bear arms. Guns have been in America for a very long time, and some people would like them gone because they think firearms are not needed anymore. While other people believe that guns may be needed for many reasons. There are arguments ...view middle of the document...

A main reason for this rapid rate of gun ownership, is that more people believe that owning a gun will protect them. Possibly more than anything else will. “Gun ownership for self-protection, and defensive gun use, must be distinguished from other forms of forceful activity directed at criminals, such as private vigilantism, or the activities of the criminal justice system, such as police making arrests. All of these can be coercive and all may be done by armed persons. However, vigilantism and criminal-justice activity share a purpose that self-defensive actions do not--retribution. Where the criminal-justice system and the vigilante both seek to punish wrong-doers, the defensive gun user seeks to protect the bodily safety and property of himself and others.” (Kleck). Many situations my occur where you might need a gun. Robbers, crooks ,wild animals and other occasions where a gun is needed for you to help solve the problem that you The issue of gun control will just simply not go away. Either for those that agree, or disagree with gun control laws. The point of self defense is a vital point in arguments all across the country and all across the world.
“Why own a gun?” “If no one had guns then only criminals would carry.” “What’s the point?” these are questions that many pro-gun control people ask every single day. Well, quite frankly, a vast amount of gun owners say that it makes them feel safe. And that “Just the presence of a gun will help you feel safer, and more protected”. A national survey finds that nearly half of gun owners (48%) volunteer that the main reason they own a gun is for protection; just 32% say they have a gun primarily for hunting and even fewer state other reasons. In 1999, 49% of citizens said they owned a gun mostly for hunting, while just 26% cited protection as the biggest factor (Perspectives). While other reasons why people own guns like hunting (36%) and recreation/sport (13%) can seem like a big number, still the main reason people own guns is for personal safety/protection. Others like target shooting (8%) and second amendmant right (5%) are much smaller numbers. Furthermore, many people believe that you have a gun permit, have taken lessons, and are skilled with a gun, then what is the problem? Trust. A greater amount of mainstream media television chanells, and websites have made it out to look like that every person who has a gun will just stop by the nearest public place and upright shoot the people at that location. But no, that is not the case. The lion’s share of people that own guns are safe, responsible, and respectable people with no means to harm anyone unless for protection or self defense. The mainstream media is almost brain washing the youth in america. Saying that guns are “scary” and “evil”. Abounding amounts people either for or against gun control can concur that guns can be a scary thing, but that is no reason to teach people that guns are bad and should never be used. If an individual has...

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