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The Fight Between Virture And Love In The Bronze Bow

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Set in Judea during the time of Jesus’ adulthood, this Newberry Medal Award winner shows Daniel bar Jamin’s fight between the power of virtue and love, for himself and his country. Though a fictional book this piece reflects great historical accuracy. It also shows how it was for most Galileans growing up in the time of Roman rule. Showing strong hatred for all Romans, Daniel is tested for his loyalty to his country to do what is right.
Being an orphan form a very young age, Daniel and his sister Leah, are taken in by their grandmother. His grandmother not having enough income to support all their needs sells Daniel to the town blacksmith, Amalek. Daniel works for Amalek five years, but ...view middle of the document...

After saying good bye to his new friend Daniel heads back to camp where he then feeds him, takes of the shackles, and unchains the slave. Everyone calls the slave Samson because of his massive size. Samson stayed very close to Daniel and earned his keep at the camp. Then Simon, An old friend of Daniel’s, came to see him and told him he could come back to the village because Amalek was dead. After persuading Samson to stay behind in camp, Daniel went to the village with Simon. On arriving the village Daniel and Simon talked about the Messiah and how he has hope for freedom of Galilee. Then Simon brought him to see his Grandmother and Sister, whom he had not seen for many years. Seeing his sister whimper in the corner as he had always remembered her, made Daniel depressed and he wanted to go back to the mountain. But Simon and Daniel then went to the temple were Jesus, the so called Messiah, was speaking. There Daniel had a glimpse of hope yet again, he thought to himself “If some how he and Rosh could meet”. After visiting with his grandmother and sister, Daniel returned to the mountain.
There Daniel continued his blacksmith work and went to Capernaum were Rosh wanted to call for Joel as a spy and find out information about the Roman movements. Upon entering the city, Daniel stumbled upon Jesus preaching yet again. He listened anxious for the prophet to talk about uprising. But instead of uprising Jesus talked about peace and how war is not the option that God wishes. Then Daniel visited with Joel and Lea, telling Joel that Rosh wanted him to find out information about the Romans. After eating at their house Daniel...

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