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The Fight For Gay Marriage Rights

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Homosexuals had been oppressed in American history. But since the counter-culture movement, homosexuals had begun to raise, revolt, constantly to fight for their rights, especially the rights of marriage, as a minority group. this article will discuss the issue, whether homosexuals should have the right to marry, from the trends in sexual morality and the changes in the function of modern marriage system function in the U.S.
Same-sex marriage (also called gay marriage) was proposed as a hot topic in recent years. Some Northern European countries have already recognized people marry with another one who has the same gender and made laws to protect the rights of these groups of people’s ...view middle of the document...

However, as the development of society, people began to think of liberation and began to chase after freedom and democracy. In addition, artificial insemination, vitro fertilization, cloning and other scientific and technological invention, the rising divorce rate in society, singles, DINK families, as well as abortion and other social phenomenon. All phenomenons above challenged the traditional sexual ethics. Finally, as the emergence of contraception, sex and reproduce start being stripped women have sex not only for giving birth but also for the pursuit of happiness, which makes the intimate relationship between people become more democratic equality. All this happened in the 20th century changed people’s attitudes towards sex. And based on this, the attitudes towards gay stereotypes also began to change. For example, Catholic’s attitudes towards sex started to become tolerant, they allowed homosexuals to become nuns and priests, and allow them to hold gay marriage. It can be seen that the modern concept of sexual morality has a more secular and diverse development, and sex is liberated from traditional reproductive patterns. Sex will further develop its happy and healthy functional features. Then sex between homosexual people which based on the pursuit of happiness is justified and should be respected.
The nature of marriage
Underlying the traditional believes gay marriage was illegal mainly because of the fertility. In traditional Western society, the productivity was low. In order to complete the heavy work, labours must be...

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