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The Fight For Head Start: Why Head Start Should Not Disappear

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Growing up I always believed Head Start was just another option to day care or a nursery, but since I have done hours of research I found that I was wrong. Head Start is a program that President Johnson began in 1965; but was earlier thought up by President Kennedy in 1962 when he began to address the war on poverty (Vinovskis, 31). This program was originally created to give children from low income families a head start to education for free, or at a very small cost; Head Start is federally and state funded. These programs would also provide breakfast and lunch for the kids along with health screenings and health care. Most of the programs also provide the parents of these children with informal classes about raising their children in poverty and they provide the parent with the opportunity to participate in the Head Start activities. This program was established to help the children and the parents of poverty.
Today this program is getting its budget cut more and more each year, with many of the programs being shut down. To illustrate the problem, Karolak wrote in an article, “Only about one out of six children eligible for federal child care help through the Child Care and Development Block Grant receives is; this is the result of stagnant or declining federal and state funding over the past decade. Head Start’s promise has not been fully realized in part because it, too, has not been fully funded” (84). I could not have said it better. People do not see what Head Start could potentially do for children because it has not been fully funded since it began. People believe these programs are not helping children because by 2nd grade the children are all showing the same amount of academic achievement. Also people believe these programs do not help families because they are only looking at the academic standings of kids. What about their health, and the parent’s new knowledge of the importance of their children? Everyone needs to keep in mind that Head Start does more than just educate young children.
Additionally, I believe Head Start programs all throughout the United States should receive more funding. If early childhood grants would rise then there could be more programs opened up in cities where there are waiting lists for children living in poverty and not getting the opportunity at a head start to education. Also, the Head Start programs that do exist won’t have to worry about needing to make spending cuts and lessening the children’s educational experiences. Another way to save Head Start in the United States is to combine Head Start Programs with day programs in cities with little budgeting. This will cut spending costs since there will be only one building instead of two and people won’t lose their jobs because there is a fixed adult to child ratio. If we work together as a country we can keep and add to the amount of Head Starts in our communities and throughout our country. The successful developmental future of many kids depends...

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