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There is always something people don’t know about a country, or there is something happening that you would never expect. Well in Tibet this is the case, no one would expect these types of life threatening occurrences to take place. Tibet has many different issues happening to this day. These issues range from disagreements pertaining to religion all the way to people being beaten and killed for the things they say or do. With all of these types of problems there are a couple specific violations present that should be addressed. Each and every one of these human rights violations should be taken into high consideration. Although there are many more violations in Tibet taking place the three that have been chosen for research seem the most tragic. The breath taking human rights violations that have been seen in Tibet are progressively getting worse each year. Everyone should care about Tibet and its people because the Tibetan people are no longer given the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and are also dealing with police brutality.
In Tibet the people have been stripped from their own freedom of obtaining whichever religion they choose, this being a result of people becoming more individualized. In 1989 Chinese officials challenged the Dalai Lama by denying any Tibetan culture or beliefs. The violations occurred in patterns by continuation of the Chinese strategies to erase all Tibetan culture (China forces Folly…). Human rights experts have been notified to provide greater protection for ethic groups (Ching). Some studies found evidence of Tibetans actually choosing to not practice any religion at all. It was said that they thought it was safer for them to just stay religion free. The right to have freedom of religion is becoming a huge deal now days because everyone wants to be different or special in their own way. No one wants to be just like anyone else, and now that religion is taking a huge part in many people’s lives that is becoming an even bigger aspect for as to why people want to change. One fifth of Tibetan people lost their lives when China invaded. Buddhist culture was the hardest culture to preserve. “The People's Republic of China claims that Tibetans are happy under Chinese rule” which was not true at all (Human Rights Imperialism…) Restricting religion and destroying the basis of the Tibetan way of life, China developed the start of cultural genocide. China committed cultural genocide because it controlled and restricted Buddhist study. China also commits unintentional cultural genocide by population transfer (Sautman).When the Chinese first started torturing and killing all Tibetans who practiced their own religion were in refusal. Once they realized that the Chinese were cracking down and getting what they wanted they eventually just gave up. Therefore when the Tibetans are trying to single themselves out and practice their own religion the Chinese were not accepting it at all. So when it all boiled down it was either...

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