The Fight For Women's Rights Essay

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The “Circle of Life” is something that plays a prominent role in Disney's The Lion King. Focusing on the life as it pertains to an ecosystem, the lessons it teaches are universal. Everything in life is interconnected, and the obstacles that people face always impact other people. History has proven to be a great example of this, especially when it comes to fights for equality. Showing the progression of the lives of many different civilizations in relation to each other, can allow for anyone in the present to learn an incredible amount as to why people are the way they are. Unfortunately, interest in history has waned over the years. Therefore, very few people take advantage of the advantages of history. This ignorance is extremely ironic because the behaviors of teens and young adults, especially women on the east and west coasts, are immensely like that of those in the 1920s. Meanwhile, the mid-west reflects that of the 1950s. To think that two different eras are portrayed so accurately in today's society, simultaneously and with such ignorance to the fact, is nothing short of amazing. While one emulation is a chance to progress forward, the other may cause more problems than it would solve. This is especially true when one notes the liberties a woman had in the 1950s in comparison with the 1920s. One would think that the 1950s housewife had more freedom; however, the rebellious spirit of the 1920s flapper allowed them to be more active people. It goes to show that the longevity of the impacts of the feminist movements throughout history are based on not only on education of the subject but also the location in which they occurred. This cycle of going back and forth in the fight for womens' rights is something that people need to be made aware of, so a recession into the past can be prevented.
Today's younger generation does not enjoy learning about history. Being ignorant of history raises the potential for the worst parts of history, such as the Holocaust, to repeat themselves. Ignorance to the truth of a people also allows for negative stereotypes to be more easily perpetuated. Thus, the future generation can be easily molded by its predecessor. While the hippie era that most parents today come from is much better than the one before that in terms of their lack of complacency with society, times change. As the times change, so should societal ideals. Without a proper historical education among all races, they could easily be lead back into a time of darkness. Therefore, proper history education is essential to a positive future.
Unfortunately, United States' history textbooks are biased and extremely concerned with the reputation of this country. James Loewen's book Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong shows the reasoning for textbooks meant to uphold a reputation of a country most blatantly through the words of Paulo Freire who says: “It would be extremely naive to expect the...

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