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The Fight That Will Never End

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The Fight That Will Never End
     In this paper I will be exploring and explaining the act of abortion. I will discuss the historical and analytical background by explaining pre Row versus Wade, and post Row versus Wade. I will be explaining this issue on a National level, and discuss how women’s role in society has changed dramatically since the famous trial.

     Abortion is the act of ending a pregnancy, either through surgery or by taking medication, with the intention not to have an infant born alive. Because many people believe that abortion should be legal under certain circumstances, it has been a topic of great debate and controversy throughout the nation. The most historic case to ever argue the issue was Roe versus Wade; the trial that legalized abortion in the United States of America. It was this very decision made by the Supreme Court that opened the door to the greater feminist movement, giving women more freedom and control of their bodies, in the workplace, and in their own households. In this paper, I will explain the famous case, the courts decision, and the impact it had, and still holds over society.

Historical Background

Geographically speaking, abortion is a huge issue not only in the United States of America, but also all over the world. It is vastly different however, because several countries allow abortion without it being a national issue. America has had many court cases and appeals to obtain the law it has today. I am explaining abortion internationally with a Maco level of analysis, giving a broad overview of different countries policies. I have decided to tighten my focus, and explain abortion Nationally with a Micro level of analysis because abortion in America is an issue of huge controversy. It has been such an issue in the past, as well as now, that it took the Supreme Court to make a decision that everyone must abide by, without restricting women of their rights (Schoen 2000).
     Abortion in the United States is a subject of public debate. Opinion polls show that most people think abortion should be legal. These people might disapprove of abortion or disagree with some of the reasons that women seek abortions, but they would permit a legal choice. Some believe that only the State- not the federal government – should regulate or outlaw abortion (Carlton 2000).
     State laws prohibiting abortion began to appear in the 1820’s. By 1900 every state except Kentucky had made abortion a punished crime. By the 1960’s, pro-choice organizations in the United States had begun working to change state abortion laws. By the early 1970’s, fourteen states had laws permitting abortion if...

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