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“Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp, which has turned my life into one long night, seven times cursed and seven times sealed.” (Night 32). The Holocaust left an impact felt Worldwide, but hit Jews harder than any other. It caused human beings to turn against one another because they followed a certain route of faith or religion to grow upon. Both books provide a reader with a vivid image of the Holocaust by providing very intimate, personal stories. The characters in these stories demonstrate skills of survival, hope, and love. While both Elie Wiesel in Night and Art Spiegelman in Maus I & II use themes of loss of hope and survival to underscore the difficulties of the ...view middle of the document...

Not only did Vladek save bread, but he saved other essential goods such as chocolate, jewelry, and cigarettes to bribe and to help him and others survive. To avoid selection, Elie and the other Jews smeared dark substances on their face to hide their ghostly-white complexion. By adding color and by sprinting as fast as they could, Elie and his father escaped the selection granting them another day of living. “We were masters of nature, masters of the world. We had forgotten everything--death, fatigue, our natural needs. In both Night and Maus each and every day was a struggle to survive.
The characters mentioned in Night and in Maus portray a similar theme of the loss of hope during the Holocaust. While riding a train to escape Germany in Maus, Vladek and Anja lose hope when they were captured and sent to concentration camp. Reasons for their loss of hope compare similarly to what a current prisoner at Auschwitz in Night said: “Do you see that chimney over there? See it? Do you see those flames? (Yes, we did see the flames.) Over there–that’s where you’re going to be taken. That’s your grave, over there.” (Night 32) In Maus, when Vladek...

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