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The Fight To Woment To Obtain Their Rights And Dreams

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Growing up as a female has never been easy. Men assumed women only had two jobs, keeping the house clean and bearing children. Luckily, many women in history have paved the way making it easier for all women in the 21st century to work outside the house, vote, earn more money, hold positions of power and achieve all their dreams. Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Madeleine Albright, and Lucy Stone, just to name a few, each had a hand in helping little girls dream big dreams and realize that their dreams were achievable. Through their hard work, determination and suffering, women are more equal than ever.
Historians typically like to breakdown the history of the United States into different “eras”. One era that was important to women’s rights was the Progressive Era, which lasted from the 1890’s through the 1920’s. (Reforming) The women during this era were married, middle-class, stay at home moms. And African American women were normally still bonded in slavery. (Reforming) During this time however, more and more women began finding jobs outside the home. They began working in department stores and clerical jobs. They were even graduating from college and becoming lawyers, doctors, scientist and other jobs that were held by men. Changes occurred during this era for African American women also. They began to seek jobs in factories and as domestic servants. (Reforming) The women also began to realize if they bonded together, they could change the way things where done. They formed clubs and groups to
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organize their efforts, make impressions and fight for the rights of all women. They helped lobby for clean water, play grounds, public libraries and more. (Reforming)
The women’s rights movement began in 1848 with the first convention in Seneca Falls, New York. This movement was called the Suffrage Movement. (Reforming) The movement continued for the next fifty years as supporters worked to educate the public about the issues concerning women and their rights. Elizabeth Cady Stanton once called Seneca Falls “The greatest movement for human liberty recorded on the pages of history – a demand for freedom for one-half of the entire race.” (McMillen) Susan B. Anthony and Stanton, as well as other leaders, worked endlessly lobbying congress and circulating petitions around the country to pass a consititutional amendment to give women the right to vote. (Reforming) The National American Women Suffrage Association (NAWSA) and the National Women’s Party (NWP) helped spread the work through campaigning, lobbying the President and even picketing the White House. (Reforming) In 1920, the 19th Amendment was passed giving women the right to vote as a US citizen. (Reforming)
There were many courageous women in American history that fought for the rights of all women. One of the most notable leaders was Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stanton was born in New York on November 12, 1815. (Ward) Her family was wealthy, enabling her to go to some of the best...

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