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The Movie "Apollo 13" Increased My Understanding Of History

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I watched the movie Apollo 13. This movie was about the Americans making yet another trip to the moon. For the astronauts that were going to the moon, it was a very powerful time for them. It was a goal that they had been working on getting to all of their lives. When they were in space, problems began to arise. The four men soon realized that they were not going to take that special step on the moon. Instead, they had to fight for their life to get their ship back to earth. In the end, they barely made it back home, but back home they were to see their families yet again.
This film was set in 1970, where the mission launched. What happened in the film was that something went wrong on the ship. These days, I think that people are much more careful and precautions. But since it was in the time period it was in, I don’t think everyone checked and was as careful as we are now. Most of the characters did not look too wealthy. They had television sets that were very small and average sized houses for that time. The characters in the film also dressed differently than we do now. Everything was much more plain and simple. Before all of the drama started happening with the ship, not many people around the world paid attention to Apollo 13. But when things started going bad, and people find out that the astronauts were in risk of their lives, everyone started becoming more concerned and interested in what was going on. It shows that people need something exciting to happen during that time in order for them to pay attention to it.
I feel that the film was indeed historically accurate. First of all, the ship was really called Apollo 13, as it was in the movie as well. They also had all of the correct dates and times that the ship launched and landed. The film did a really good job of giving some of the correct details about what happened on the ship and what the four men were feeling while they were in space. It made you...

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