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Florida is known for many things like its fresh oranges, its sunshine and warm climate, its beautiful beaches, its Everglades National Park, cigar factories and many more interesting things. There is also one more thing that adds on to Florida’s popularity and it is its film industry. The film industry in Florida is one of the largest in the United States. In 2006, Florida was ranked third in the U.S. for film production, after California and New York, based on revenue generated.
Who knew Florida would also be famous for its film industry. I will be talking about Florida’s interesting facts and history about the film/movie industry and how it all started in Florida.
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Residents of Jacksonville, along with its buildings and amazing variety of landscape have been watched since on both movie and television screens.
Kalem Studios soon had company as more key film agencies, including Selig, Encore, and King Bee opened studios in Jacksonville. But the city’s biggest claim to fame was the making of the first Technicolor motion picture and the first full length color movie created in the United States. Up until then, the world had only enjoyed black and white films, so The Gulf Between, filmed in 1917, was a history making event in Jacksonville. The film later was lost, because no one preserved Florida’s film archives. Only small pieces remain in a few museums across the country.
About one century ago Oliver Hardy, the comic duo Laurel and Hardy, made his film debut in “Outwitting Daddy” a film shot in Jacksonville in 1913. In 1915 Joseph Engel started Metro Pictures here in Jacksonville. His company later combined with another production company and became known as Metro Goldwyn Mayer.
Jacksonville also made a great progress in the African American film industry. In 1916, producer Richard Norman came to Jacksonville and opened a movie studio. Norman, a white man, began his career in the 1910s making movies for white audiences. Later, he began making movies for African American audiences. He opened his studio and joined the ranks of others, such as Oscar Micheaux and the Lincoln Motion Picture Company, being a pioneer in producing movies not only geared towards African Americans, but that showed them in a positive light and employed them in the production side of the film industry.
Norman Studios was an American film studio in Jacksonville Florida. The studio produced silent film featuring all African American casts from the 1920 to 1928. The only surviving studio from the period of early filmmaking in Jacksonville, its facilities are now the Norman Studios Silent Film Museum. One of the most well known studios creating films for black audiences in the silent period, Norman's films featured all African American casts with title in positive roles. During its run it produced eight featured length films and multiple shorts; its only film, The Flying Ace, has been restored by the Liberty of Congress. Norman Studios continued to make African American films, also known as race movies, throughout the 1920s. But as Jacksonville's film production decreased as filmmakers moved West, so did Norman's, and his company did not make the transition to talkies and instead produced films for other companies from the 1930s on.
At Marine land Dolphin Adventure nearby St. Augustine, Florida people would scream to view the mysteries of reef fish, accidentally creating the idea of large scale aquariums as tourist attractions. Before the SCUBA and glass bottom boats, this remained the only spot in the world for underwater filming until the 1940s. More recently, Demi Moore’s G. I. Jane, was filmed there in the late...

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