The Last Picture Show By Larry Mc Murtry

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Fitting InThe square peg in a round whole.Imagine being a tall, scrawny teenage boy with zits, braces, and a cowlick walking down an overcrowded, inner city school. The boy may not be noticed there, but in a small school, he would be zoomed in on by other teenagers like buzzards. Being a teenager is hard. Growing up in a small town makes it more complicated. Everyone knows everybody else's business. In The Last Picture Show, Larry McMurtry writes from his own personal experience of the hardships teenagers face in small towns. There are three main groups of teenagers in Thalia: the wild kids, the average teens, and the outcasts."Larry McMurtry was born on June 3, 1936 in Wichita Falls, Texas" (Baker 219) He was raised by his father, William Jefferson, and his mother, Hazel Ruth. His father and eight of his uncles were ranchers and cowboys. He attended high school in Archer City, which was the city that The Last Picture Show is written after. He was married in 1959 to Josephine Scot. They had one son and later divorced in 1966. He attended collage at Rice University where he received a M.A. in 1960. After graduation, he moved to Washington D.C. He focused most of his time on writing. He wrote many books including the Texas Trilogy which consists of: The Last Picture Show in 1966, Texasville in 1987, and Duane's Depressed in 1999. He also began a small chain of book stores of rare books. One of these book stores is located in Archer down the road from the now famous theater.In The Last Picture Show, McMurtry sarcastically writes about his high school years. It tells a coming of age story of the teenage characters. Despite the personality differences of the teens, their lives interact and have an impact on each other. Sam the Lion, the heartbeat of the town, is a local business owner, who is also the father figure to many of the boys in town including Sonny Crawford and Duane Moore, the main characters. The story begins when Sonny is a teenager in high school. He dates Charlene Duggs, only to see how advanced sexually he could get with her and because there is limited selection in the girls in the school. This relationship only last for a short time. He later begins an affair with the coaches' wife, Ruth Popper, a much neglected house wife. . The affair is only a momentary fix to both of their loneliness. Sonny eventually leaves her for the local, self centered, Jacy Farrow. Jacy, who at the beginning of the novel, was dating Duane but she later broke up with him because he was not part of the popular crowd. Sam the Lion dies, and after the closing of the local movie theater the book concludes with Duane going off to war, Jacy being shipped of to an expensive college and Sonny residing in Thalia.The wild kids are represented by Jacy Farrow. Jacy uses her body, her sexuality, and her family wealth to get what she the status in society that she wants. "She (Jacy) directs her intelligence and her nascent skill in interpersonal relationships to secure a...

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