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The Final Solution There are two main schools of thought amongst historians about the
Final Solution and only one of them is right. The 'intentionalist'
theory is that of one which places Hitler at the helm where he is seen
to have had the intention from the beginning (even before his rise to
power) to exterminate the Jews. International Jewry was blamed for the
humiliation of Germany in the Treaty of Versailles, and German Jewry
was accused of betraying Germany in World War I. The 'functionalist'
theory is that where the 'Final Solution' was decided upon only after
many failed attempts to force Jews to emigrate from Germany. After the
attempt to get rid of the Jews the 'functionalist' theory believes
that the 'Final Solution' was forced because there was no other
option. There is evidence to help both sides of argument but in this
case the theory of the functionalists is right. The fact is, Hitler's
'Final Solution' evolved and shifted from 1933 to 1941 and thus helped
the idea that the intention of Genocide was not on the cards. Living
Space was his major obsession. Hitler believed that the German people
needed living space and he thought that the Jewish people only made
for a nuisance. He wanted to move them and not kill them. Hitler does
not state that he wishes to bring physical harm to the Jewish people.
In speeches he states that he wish to 'annihilate' the Jews from
Europe, not kill them. (Speech made in January 1939)

Early on in Hitler's campaign there is no direct evidence that places
Hitler in a state of movement where he has included the physical
extermination of Jews as a matter of official policy. Hitler didn't
intend to kill the Jews from the start; he only wanted to rid them
from the Reich. At the very beginning Hitler simply wanted lebensraum,
"living space," for the pure German people. In the Nuremberg Laws of
1930, the Nazi party wanted to design a series of laws that assured
the purity of German blood and German honour and basically stripped
Jews of their rights so that they would move on. These laws were
passed in 1935 and many others, ensured a move on Hitler's view of the
Jewish race in Germany. No law passed ever stated the physical
destruction of the Jewish race. In a letter to Adolf Gemlich in 1919,
Hitler states that he stated that the Jewish problem would eventually
be solved through a process of depriving the Jews privileges and
classifying them as foreigners. This in its own right shows that early
on in the movement Hitler only wanted to make the Jews feel un-wanted
and rejected in the German way of life. In 1940, plans were devised by
the Nazis to ship all Jews to Madagascar. This was called the
'Madagascan Plan' and involved moving every single Jew from Germany
and her captured...

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