The Financial Value Of A Life

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The price for a life seems like should not even be used in the same context. Sadly, through in times in tragedy those family members that are left are given a substantial amount of money. The money that is given to loved ones is supposed to help with the loved one absence at either a spouse or a child. There are instances though that there are times where a family does not receive any compensation. The government gives certain families in certain times money . For example, if someone dies in a car accident, the government does not give any money. However, if an individual dies in a tragic event or mass shooting, the government compensates for the family to support the financial hole left to the family.
It makes sense for the government to deliver money to the family after such a tragic event because the individual was not in control of the situation. Along with every compensation given, families are given a bonus if the loved one that has passed has left behind a spouse or child. This part of the compensation is known as “pain and suffering” or a non-economic loss. Society values life by retrieving the information based on the victim’s income he/she would have accumulated over the course of their lifetime. It seems as though while society is obliged in taking this action with excluding emotion in account, many families who have had their loved one die in a tragic event become outrageous after have receiving the compensation given because other families have received a higher amount. This will cause some families to file claims and sue for a higher compensation. Many families will misunderstand the fact that the compensation is just to help the family, not to send sympathy notice. This may seem blunt yet its true in trying to help families. Its completely understandable that families expect to have some sort of sympathy.
When you have a loved one that dies in a brutal way, it causes a lot of emotion in the families. Families are longing for that person and when the government pays them money, it can turn into a big problem. Money and emotion do not mix in certain ways. Some families can be truly grateful to the government in that the money they get will help them with that loss. Yet you get some families that it seems like all they care about is money and they will see one family get more money than another and they make a big deal out of it. Fienberg states in “What Is a Life Worth?”, “Before finding out exactly what they will get for the attacks.” “The right to sue in this case is simply not a reasonable alternative.” Feinberg is stating that no matter what you get or do not get, you cannot sue the government.
ALthough in times, different sums of money for families will be different. Most of the time, the families will receive the same amount of money. The money is distributed out in different occasions. Lets say a mother and her two children die in a plane crash, and she leaves behind a husband and son. They will get money for the wife and...

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