The Fine Arts Are Essential For The Attainment Of Human Excellence

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The Fine Arts are Essential for the Attainment of Human Excellence

Fine art exists since the beginning of time. Its creation does not begin with that of mankind, for, verily, nature is the origin of all art; the ultimate of all artists. Humans, however, are not blind to it at birth. Since the bestowal of vision, both physical and that of the mind, man is expressing the desire to make corporeal that which it beholds. Evidence of this is found in ancient cave paintings, an attempt to immortalize a moment from the past, depicting one from another life. Undoubtedly there have also been drawings in the sand made by the tough-skinned fingers of the primordial ancestor. This urge to reincarnate the sights beheld by memory remains in the being of the present-day homo-sapiens. And between now and then, those with this trait dominant have been the creators and fashioners of paintings and sculptures sometimes revered as divine. Furthermore, these occupations require such skill, such craft knowledge, and finesse, that any other employment performed with a similar degree of these attributes is often given the status of an art. Indeed, the pursuit of the philosophy can also be deemed as such, as it requires just those graceful actions in the form of thought. The two are in fact much closer to being the same than not, and thus, the idea that they work together in complimentary engagement, is not so far fetched. The proceeding examination, therefore, lays the foundation in inspecting what art is, its function, and where its boundaries lie. Secondly, the endeavor extends into an analysis o how fine art can and does help to further the cause that is philosophy. The final conjecture here is that the fine arts are positively necessary for the attainment of human excellence, existing as a focal practice.

In continuation, before a discussion on the importance of art can be instituted, it is necessary to evaluate the meaning of art for purposes of clarity. Though there are many associations with the word art itself, the inquiry here is intended for the fine arts. Moreover, it is not only the finished product of art that is of importance, but more so, the act, or process of creation that is art. The producing of art will be henceforth referred to as the vocation it presents, and its extensions into all further aspects of the life daily as well as entire. In addition, being a vocation, art is the act that beckons for continuity; it engages the senses as, in painting, the brush is held, through its movement the colors spill out to be seen, the paint emanates a specific scent, and the strokes can be heard moving against the canvas. This is an engaging transaction which incorporates some part of every one of the senses, as well as the sense which is not in university texts on psychology. Art as an occupation is not merely a hobby that is done in times of leisure, but it is a practice that is performed, since times uncounted, and focused on; it is...

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