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The Fine Print Essay

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The Fine Print

A year had passed, slowly, since the Moulin Rouge was eventually shut down. The Duke failed to seek sympathy of any sort in Satine, shrugging her and the Moulin Rouge off altogether. Like any sane person, they were upset. Satine lost her dream of being a star as Zidler lost his staple actress and therefore, any hope of making a name for himself. With the departure of the Duke, the legacy of the Moulin Rouge was gone. Forever.

Of course the citizens of Paris would remember Satine; the Sparkling Diamond. So stunning it was heart breaking. They would remember her health scare an how that alone was enough to cost the Moulin Rouge its life.

But in the end, it wasn’t enough ...view middle of the document...

Satine would draw within herself, most days, when the Duke was brought up but never did I truly know what went on that fateful day where she came running to me and we had planned to run away. Nor did I dare to ask.

“We could get some fresh air, love, if that’s what you long for.” I stood from my chair and Satine flashed me an innocent sideways glance. The sun was nearly down and a breeze buffeted against the flimsy window pane.

“I think there’s enough air in here, dear. I’m fine, though, thank you.” She said in a dull voice, cracking in a way that was proof enough that my love was not fine. Stepping lightly over the buckling floorboards, I made my way to Satine. “Christian.” She said again, lolling her head to the side before turning her blue eyes on me.

“I-I want you to be happy. After all what’s the point of my happiness if you aren’t happy?” I did my best to look convincing despite my racing thoughts. Had we made the right decision? Was she truly happy or was this all too rushed? It came out fast and stuttered.

“I’m perfectly fine. All this fretting is not going to help the adjustment.” This time Satine smiled and placed a chaste kiss on my lips, her lipstick remaining nearly untouched on hers. I knew very well that she wasn’t happy stuck in an apartment, away from Zidler and far from reaching her dream. I couldn’t help but question her true sentiment.

“Is this not enough? A-am I not enough… for you?” I blinked slowly, a knot in my throat as I watched her turn her gaze from me and back out the window. Stepping back from her, I perched myself on the window sill from which she was standing across from. “… Forget it.” It had been like this in brief intervals for the past week. Deep in the pit of my being, I knew I wasn’t enough to keep her occupied. She wanted to perform, she wanted to live. Being without a lavish life or goods disappointed Satine. She deserved more.

“Don’t. Don’t do this right now.” Satine turned her shoulder away from me as a way to protect herself. This happened quite a bit since we left to live life on our own. I studied the floor as the hot maw of jealousy swallowed my thoughts whole. Surprisingly enough, Satine broke through her solemn ways and approached me, putting a gentle hand on my cheek. Carefully, she lifted my face so my eyes met hers. “Come what may, remember?”

I questioned, briefly, why we still needed that ridiculous phrase when she still chose me in the end. No longer did I need confirmation of our love. Or did I? I shook the thought away. I felt that Satine often used the phrase or a short verse to keep me controlled or even quiet. “Forget it… I said. I said ‘forget it’.” My eyes burned with jealousy. Why was she like this? Why was she so hard to trust?

Satine cupped my face in her palms. “Christian, don’t you see? I love you every minute, every hour, every day. Why must you beg for my love when you clearly have it all?” In my heart, I knew I loved her. I loved her from the very second I...

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