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The year 2069... Chaos reigns... Every day is dark and cold. It used to be very hot once. But everything has changed. There was a war. Many people died. Only a few survived.Marina was getting ready. As a 21 year old young woman, she was tall and shapely. Long dark hair covered her shoulders. Her deep blue eyes looked out the big window. It was dark in the room, but she knew where everything was. She had to leave. She couldn't stay. She didn't have anything back here anyway... just the house and horrible childhood memories. Her parents were killed during the war. They sacrificed their lives in order to save hers... Marina took the suitcase, which contained all her life: photo albums, videos, clothes, old toys... she forgot to take another photo from the wall. It was the photo of her dog. He was killed the same day as her parents. But it wasn't his fault... they didn't have to kill him... he was innocent...The sky became even darker. It started raining. Marina took her car and left. It wasn't an easy decision to make. She felt like a part of her "world" was still in that place... the rain stopped. Thin light beams were trying to escape from the small holes in the sky. Some did, but most of them did not. She reached the building. The walls were white and tall. Most of the windows had light in them with small grey shadows moving inside. The gate opened and Marina parked the car at the same old spot. She entered her code number on a small screen and a second later the big door opened.It was busy inside. Everyone was at their desks. All the people in the hall were around the same age as Marina. The men were wearing grey costumes, as did the women. There was only one hour until departure. Everyone had to board the spaceship. Marina found her room; it was small but compact. She clipped the photos on the wall. Some of them were of her and her parents, her dog, and her friends. The room was clearly designed for two people. Marina had no idea who that second person was."Crew, take your seats, please", - a familiar voice sounded above her head. Not that long before the lift off. Everyone that had been milling in the hall quickly moved into another small room. There were arm-chairs with "seatbelts". Every seat was specially designed for each member of the crew. Marina knew the names of most of the people in here. She knew their names, but she didn't know them very well. There was no one here she could actually trust and tell everything... They were instructed to put on the masks, so that they could resist the pressure."Here it comes... three... two...one..." For the first few moments Marina couldn't say what she felt. She saw all her life before her eyes. She could change her life, so that her parents and all other people didn't have to die... but then she would die and there would be no hope in future... In five minutes they escaped the planet's gravitational field...

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