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The Fire Essay

1037 words - 4 pages

A dark, smoggy night in the middle of winter, chills were running
through the rooms of the house, like a ghost silently coming and
silently going. Suddenly, in the distance, there was a faint booming
sound like a drum being beaten. The noise soon started to get louder
and louder and louder until all that could be heard was the deafening
noise. People from houses along the street ran out in their dressing
gowns onto the road and huddled together to witness a roaring fire
devastating the house of a family living nearby. The owners of the
house desperately attempted to remove valuable and sentimental items
from the burning wreck, but all was in vain as the glaring fire
obliterated their irreplaceable possessions and their home.

The incandescent flames suddenly erupted scattering fragmented glass
and debris several yards away. The chillness of the stale, city air
was devoured by the scorching blazes of the vicious element, which had
just destroyed the lives of a victim family.

As the sun crept above the horizon, it shone vibrantly lighting up the
scenery in the countryside landscape, but the events of the previous
night had left an indentation in the surroundings of the small,
unfamiliar settlement.

At the area of desolation, smoke continued to billow out of the rubble
and a thick deposit of ash and dust had covered the street making it
completely unrecognisable. The sky seemed as though it would release
its contents on the gloomy scene. Impenetrable, dense smog polluted
the atmosphere like a black cat creeping around the streets, but the
rain stayed where it was, like an army in a battle, time is needed for
the battle to start, but when it does, it doesn't cease all that
easily and quickly.

The night before, the neighbours had gone back inside their warm,
pleasant, snug homes, but one family did not have the advantage of
shelter or warmth. Instead, the entire family lay curled up on the
dew-topped grass, huddled together, shivering in the frosty, winter
wind. They had managed to get very few possessions out of the burning
wreck, the night before, but the remainder of their belongings had
burned away over the silent, yet lively night. Even though the land
itself had been severely damaged, the natural daily events started
without delay. Birds were twittering and singing with the voices of
angels, filling the air with the sweet sound of nature. They flew
around, rooftop to rooftop at amazing speeds. Their feathers ruffled
slightly in the breeze and, quite often,...

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