The Fire Alarm Went Off: A Case Study In Organization

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At 21: 32 fire alarm in house went off. I immediately checked the fire panel which was showing an alarm in switch room. Duty supervisor were phoned immediately and staff working on 1st floor were asked to evacuate the visible sign of fire or smoke found. Entrance to the building was secured.
Fire brigade arrived on site 21:39 PM and silenced the alarm. Mean while The supervisor and Mobile driver also arrived on site. Fire brigade commander along with duty supervisor thoroughly checked the area of alarm activation but no fire was found.
Fire brigade, Duty supervisor, myself and the Mobile then went around the building together to check all parts of the building for any sign of fire or the cause of the alarm but nothing found.
Alarm panel was reset but it went off again. Fire brigade commander concluded that a laser beam in the zone of alarm is causing the problem. Dalkia engineer on site then called the fire & alarm engineer to sort out the fault.
Fire Brigade left at 22:20 Dalkia Fire alarm engineer turned up at 23:20 and started working to eradicate the fault. Building was taken off fire watch till 1:00 am. 1x laser beam point which was creating the problem was taken off by the engineer and reset the fire panel.Building was then put back on fire watch and Boiler reset. Dalkia helpdesk informed.
Fire Alarm engineer said that the beam would be fixed on Tuesday. He then left the site at 01:05.
Supervisor informed and noted down in the DOB.

Executive Summary
This report presents the significance of Total quality management (TQM ) in the manufacturing industries. First, it considers an organisation for applying the technique of total quality management and the background to the report is presented in this section. The background details discusses about the company, customers, processes, and 4V’s of the company. Secondly the concept of total quality management is explored with reference to the literature available. Finally, the implications of implementing total quality management in the organisation are discussed.

The purpose of the report is to understand the issues in the case study organisation at various levels and analyse the issue by referring to the literature. These analyses are then used to provide necessary suggestions for improvement of the organisation. This paper seeks to establish, through literature review, if total quality management can be used for managing this organization.
Organisational Background
Venchura Engineering Company was founded in the year 1976. The company is located in Maharastra western part of India. The company is into designing and manufacturing of electrical panels, cabinets, and other electrical equipments. There products include electric panels, electric cabinets, machine control panels, heater control panels, distribution boards, electrical Machines, testing equipments, rectifier equipments, and transformers. Apart from manufacturing the...

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