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The Fire Of Life And Strength Of Iron

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Iron is one of Earth’s most abundant elements. It is also one of the most interesting elements known to mankind. It is known as a heavy-duty metal, but humans also must ingest it in order to survive. When heated, iron emits a golden glow as well as hundreds of tiny sparks in the same color. For every time it is put through a flame, broken down, and melted, it becomes stronger. Earth’s core is widely believed to be made up of this fascinating element. Iron is impressive, especially when it is being tested and tried in every way.
I like to think I’m a lot like iron. I’ve been tested and tried in many ways, breaking down and melting, growing stronger every time. I know that every flame burns the same, but every one of them burns you in a different way. I’ve been burned in the back by friends, and because I didn’t see it coming, I only felt the heat. My heart has been scorched when countless people have taken advantage of my naïve trust. But at 14, I was set ablaze to that point where I thought I was done with; I was broken down to liquid, my tears being all that remained.
It was just after 10 o’clock when his fury burst through the wall that separated my bedroom from the living room. I recognized the voice, but not the anger. I knew full well that it was my father yelling, but I had never heard him so upset. Being the oldest and most responsible of my siblings, I had to go see what was going on. I tiptoed down the hallway and gingerly stepped out of the shadows and into the dim lighting of the living room. My eyes shot to my mom who was sitting in her recliner, red-faced, and wiping away tears with a handful of Kleenex. Then I saw my father, quickly sitting back in his chair as if everything were perfectly normal. “Having trouble sleeping?” he asked me with blatantly fake concern.
I walked over to his chair with careful steps, much like that of a servant approaching its master and expecting a beating. I kept my gaze down I as the asked the question I never wanted to, “Are you and mom getting a divorce?” His response was cold and I could feel the fury rising through the tension in the air, “I’m not sure yet.” I burst into tears and clung to the arm of the chair. I cried out to him, “Why dad? Why are you leaving us? Don’t you love me anymore?” I turned my tear-filled, green eyes toward him as I asked these questions. I will never forget the look I saw on his face; his face was blank, numb and his eyes were completely hollow. It was as if he had no soul. “I don’t know,” he responded. I cried harder and begged for at...

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