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The First American Invasion: The Beatles Takeover

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America’s defenses were breached and hysteria gripped the nation. The invasion had begun. However, the sounds of sirens did not fill the streets to warn against nuclear attacks, nor were there warnings to stay indoors. Instead the youth of America rushed into the streets of New York and welcomed the invaders with loud screams and insane fanaticism. The invaders were The Beatles and the members were Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. One of the biggest and influential bands to change the face of music as we know it took the world by storm by introducing new sound, new fashion, and a new way of approaching music. The Beatles have etched a name for themselves and stand in history as one of the greatest bands of all time. However there is a reason why they are regarded so highly and have become the big name that they are today. I never once listened to The Beatles and I didn’t get into music until I was twelve years old, yet at the age of nine I knew who they were. The Beatles are almost a household name in western cultures and that is because of the profound effect they brought upon society at the time. With help from their musical influences, experiences, and being present at the right place at the right time, The Beatles ascended into fame. It is because of factors like their influences, their experiences as a band, their management, and their arrival at the right time that made their takeover that much more successful and influential.
To understand how The Beatles got so big, you have to trace back their roots and see where it all began. Going back to the birth of the band members, we are taken to Liverpool in England. Liverpool was regarded as a very dirty and low place by many of the people that lived in England, and it is here where the musical geniuses were born (Stuessy). Growing up, each of the members of The Beatles had a love for music, and coming from a place like Liverpool it wasn’t easy to get your hands on music. So whatever they could get their hands on was good enough for them, and they drew inspiration from many different genres of music (Ashton). This is what began fostering the unique sound of The Beatles. So many different genres of music and a breadth of diverse artists inspired them, and consequently their sound became something entirely new. This is how The Beatles began to mold a new image of music, by taking all of the inspirations and melding it to become the epitome of their creativity. By using the Rock and Roll style of Elvis and combining it with other kinds of music they heard they started creating some of the most unique music at the time. They were also making unique music because essentially they were breaking all the rules because they didn’t know any of them. They didn’t have to follow the guidelines of the instruments that they were playing because they had no formal or professional training to teach them how to play. So instead of confining themselves in the wall of their own...

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