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The First Bite Of The Leaf

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Before meeting Clarisse, Montag was a strong adherent of the societal function of book burning. He was rather oblivious to the ignorant and critically dull society he lived in. His meeting with Clarisse was the beginning of his Metamorphosis into a critically aware and enlightened individual, one who could see the errors of society in forming a bubble around them. This “bubble” forming that Clarisse leads Montag away from is a serious issue, and even affects our real modern day world.
The first sentence of the book reads “IT WAS A PLEASURE TO BURN” (1). This sentence highlights the state Montag is in, and in doing so it also reveals the disposition of society in relation to our current ...view middle of the document...

Clarisse is thus the spark that will ignite the phoenix, leading to society starting all over again.
Nature based imaginary is also a major motif in the novel. One of its purposes is to portray Clarisse as a wise evolved figure who understands the perils of society’s ways. She is not like a normal character, considering that she approaches Montag with the utmost confidence and just seems to have the right words for everything. She is perfect or pure as is the case. The statement “dark eyes were so fixed to the world that no move escaped them” displays Clarisse as a character with depth and understanding beyond anyone’s comprehension (3). Clarisse “dark eyes” are a symbol of almost infinite wisdom and play a part in the usage of eyes in the novel. The comprehension between the eyes of the Machine that takes out the poison from Montag’s wife and Clarisse paints an intricate picture of society and Clarisse’s purpose. Eyes therefore are an important motif in the novel. The author also uses other words such as “milk-white” and “white …dress” to further enforce the idea that Clarisse is a “higher being”, one the author crafted for a special purpose (3).
Clarisse’s purpose is the start the metamorphosis of Montag, and she does this by asking Montag the question “are you happy”, which leads Montag on a powerful journey to find the “noble” path (4) (Free Response Questions 1). After Clarisse servers her purpose by motivating Montag on the search for ideas and critical thinking (through the use of books) she promptly dies making herself and her ideas unattainable to Montag. Clarisse...

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