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The First Five Presidents Of The United States.

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Jamie MilliserJanuary 30, 2002"The first five presidents of the united states"The first five presidents of the united states Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe established the tradition, domestic, and foreign policy. At the end of the war for independence America needed a new government. These five presidents provide thatgovernment it wasn't prefect it wasn't formed over night but it has with stood " the hands of time. " Our government has endured and has came a long way from those first thirteen colonies we have and are making changes because our forefathers made it that way these five men created that momentum. They knew that for our nation to with stand it had to be created on the bases of tradition and held by the freedom that was fought for and won.Our country has many traditions and they all start with our first president. George Washington, a war hero that started our fist tradition, of the presidency. He introduced term limits, so no one person has power for to long. He introduced fair well speeches and elections. John Adams the former vice president under George Washington, helped established our tradition of diplomacy, which is still in use to today. Thomas Jefferson made the supreme court what it is today. The constitution left the job of the judicial branch vague; Thomas Jefferson filled in the cracks with the judicial review. He also resolved the question of what to call the president by asking to be addressed as Mr. President. James Madison established one of our most important documents, the Constitution. He also attended the great compromise meetings, which established our bicameral legislature. James Monroe created a policy that allowed the United States government to form while keeping the European governments out of the process. However, for the most part it didn't work but it showed them the United States would not be pushed around by other governments.For a nation to be successful it must have a domestic policy. The first five Presidents established those policies. Washington established the way in which the government relates to the people and the way in which the government interacts with the government of the states. Most people of that time thought that...

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