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The First Flight Essay

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The First Flight

Douglas came home to a surprise.” Hello dear, look!”, his mother was in the middle of the room holding an envelope. Douglas had a pretty good idea of what it was, so he rushed over in a panic and grabbed the envelope. He was hesitant on opening it, a slight feeling of fear and excitement ran through his veins. Douglas finally worked up the courage and there it was, he read the words, ACCEPTED. He was so excited he nearly jumped out of his shoes! He danced around the room then went into the kitchen and grabbed his mother so she could dance too. Ever since Douglas was a boy, his dream was to go to Dayton University and become a journalist. He was leaving in three months to go to the University, barely enough time to say goodbye, he thought.

His current occupation was the ice cream store on 23rd South Williams Street, a block away from the Wright Cycle Company. He new the Wright Brothers and had a few encounters with them. The first was when Orville and Wilbur were arguing over a bike and then got some ice cream to calm the conflict. Douglas actually got his current mode of transportation from the wright brothers, considering that the money he makes from selling ice cream won’t get him a car. The bike was lovely, but will no longer be needed when he goes off to college. The money he had saved up all his life was now being used for college, so he hopes that this journaling career takes off;) When the time came, Douglas had said goodbye to everyone he knew , which is basically the whole town. His mother was crying hysterically for two reasons, one, because she would miss him, and two because he was the first one in the whole Washburn family tree to go to college. The bus pulled up and off he went, to fulfill his life dreams and become a journalist.

Douglas heard the clock and everything else was silent, he had waited for two whole hours for his mother to get home. Almost at the edge of his seat with excitement, he was way too eager to surprise his mother than hes ever been about anything in his life, he thought. As she unlocked the door and walked into the living room, unpacking her grocery bags in the process, she hadn’t spotted Douglas in the corner, smiling with a grin that spread fully across his face. “Mother, I’m home!”, he said, not being able to sustain the wait for her to see him. As she turned, she almost screamed with excitement! They ran to each other and then hugged for about ten minutes. He told her all the things he learned and that he got a degree in journalism and a bachelor degree. She was so proud and couldn’t wait for him to find a...

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