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The Original Globe Theatre Essay

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One of the most famous theatres in the Elizabethan Age was the Globe Theatre. The Elizabethan Era started in 1558 and lasted to 1603. The theatres from the era were said to be the best and most significant part of the culture at that time. With the Black Death killing people every day, people needed an escape from this death sentencing disease. It all started with inn – yard theatres. A group of people would go from village to village performing for the people in a market place or village square. A number of people would offer places for the actors to stay as they were performing. They started charging to see the inn. Families from farmers and labors would come and watch this magnificent shows. Some even considered these events as festivals. A man by the name of James Burbage made the first amphitheater to perform inside in 1576. He patterned it like the amphitheaters in Rome and Greece. It was planned to be in a popular place like a village square but soon made its way to being so big it could not. The inn – yards could hold up to 300 people while the amphitheater could hold up to 3000 (nosweatshakespeare). Soon many arena like theatres were built, such as the very famous Globe Theatre. Globe Theatre inspired and entertained people during the Elizabethan Age with different actors, plays, and the architecture of the building.
An actor’s life throughout the Elizabethan Era was not enjoyable because the actors were not trusted. Their reputation improved when more theatres were built, such as the Globe Theatre. After, actors became just as famous as today’s starts in Hollywood. The superstars of Globe Theatre were Henry Condoll, William Shakspeare, Richard Burbage, and John Heminges. Burbage was known for his tragedies he performed in. Condoll was the joint editior of the collection of William Shakespeare plays called the First Folio. During the time of the Elizabethan Era, women didn’t perform. By law, women could not perform on stage. Young boys would play women. They wanted boys between the age of 13 and 19 while their voices were still high. Do to different health and lifestyle, boys’ voice would break at a later age then men today (Shakespeares Globe).
The costumes for the women consisted of many extreme things. The men that played females had to wear much layers to portray the clothing of women of that time. Wigs were also part of the fashion. Men would wear big wigs on their head as well as huge dresses. The make-up was the worse. The while make-up worn on girls’ faces – mostly used cover up scares from smallpox – the men put on too but, this contained lead and was highly poisonous. The men that played women grew very unhealthy and even got different skin diseases. Some even died from the make-up (bardstage).
The salaries the actors received was depended on the different parts the actors played. Boys who played females got paid the least. The Admiral’s Men paid boys three shillings a week. Part actors were...

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