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The First Modern Olympic Games Essay

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Over 300 athletes participated in the 1896 First Modern Olympic Games. There were also 13 countries that played a role in the games. The Olympic games took place in Athens, Greece. The Americas dominated the track and field events in these Olympics. Many countries played in these games, but not all scored very well. The creation of the games came from Pierre de Coubertin. These Olympics were a whole new start to modern sports and they were a kick off to the modern day games. These games modernized the world in 1896 and played a big role back then. Without these games, there would not be the Olympic Games or many other sports.
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In the middle of the Olympics, the Marathon occurred and an Athenian man won. He is now known as a hero. This man is Zito Loës, a young Greek peasant (Holmes 72). People took off their jewelry for him, gave him free food, offered to shine his shoes, and much more (Holmes). The award ceremony eventually came and was in honor of Jupiter Pluvious because his reign was over. The Greeks were very nice to the Americans because they won so many events. They respected the fact of how far the team traveled to come for the games (Holmes). Overall the Olympics were a great idea on Pierre de Coubertin’s part, and changed the world today. The Americans had a great time and did an amazing job in their events.
These Olympics would not have occurred if it weren’t for a few people, especially Pierre de Coubertin. This man had the main role in this event because he started the games. Pierre had the idea of the first Modern Olympics, and put his thought into action. Coubertin is an important man because he changed the world forever by these games. Pierre de Coubertin was the creator and considered the most important man in these Olympics because he created the games. He had the idea of the Olympics and carried out that idea. Coubertin was also a very intelligent man and enjoyed education (Kebric). Also there were a few outstanding athletes in these games. Louë was a Greek man who won the Marathon. Louë’s role was the first man to ever win the Marathon event; he won the event by a great distance and was a hero to all of Greece from then on (Holmes). King George was the King of Greece at the time of the Games. This King played a big role because he supported de Coubertin’s idea and helped carry on the games. He also helped starting them at the ceremony (Kieran & Daley). About 300 athletes were in this game so countless people were important but they couldn’t of happened without Coubertin and King George. Louë was a great example of the extraordinary athletes back then. These games were a success because of Coubertin.
People might not think about it, but without these Olympic games, there wouldn’t be any games today. Instead, we have the bond with some countries...

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