The First Nine Times Essay

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When he meets Jenny for the first time it takes a bit to get over the fact she's The Doctors Daughter, and yes, he thinks it in capitals, it's too mind blowing for him not to. The Doctor bounds out of the Tardis, and there she is, all charm and a brilliant smile, a confident bounce in her step. A wave to Martha, and then her eyes do the exploring for her. She shakes Jacks hand, they size each other up, with neither like nor dislike. Jenny takes a shine to Mickey, they share details about their favourite Big Fucking Guns, respectively. Jack winks at her when the Doctor isn't looking. She rolls her eyes, but grins at him secretly when she leaves. A message shared. A dare.

The second time he sees her, she promptly starts flirting with him. Jack tries his best to reciprocate in kind, dancing between the Doctor's incredibly dark looks. She's sweet and young and sexy as hell. Despite the fact she beats the crap out of him in an impromptu fight. The Doctor's more than a little proud when she emerges mostly unscathed, while Jack has to lean on Gwen for support as she delivers him to a snickering Martha. That's the last time he brags about his strength and stamina, when GI Jenny's around, anyway.

The third time, it's in a crisis. The world's gone to shit thanks to some alien threat or other and the Doctor has to step in to stop the end of the earth, again. Nothing new there. But Jack finds himself taking orders from her. She knows more about military tactics then he would have originally thought. He can't quite fathom why he finds himself submitting to her. Is it the fact she's like the Doctor? That unflinching stare she sets on him? That utterly grim look of determination? He doesn't get a moment to think until after, and even then, he's too drunk and just relieved to give it much thought.

The fourth time, he's a 'temporary companion'. That's how the Doctor puts it, anyway. It's fine by him. Ianto gets to come along too, this time. Ianto and the Doctor take to each other like long lost best cousins or something; he's torn between protectiveness and jealousy. He's not quite sure who those feelings are for. Jenny doesn't say anything. Just stands at his side, looks from him, to them, to him again. A smile on her face.

The fifth time's brief, just a fuel stop, but he sees her on the security cameras. She waves, mouths the words: Hello Captain! And then pops back inside again.

The sixth seems to be a change of roles, maybe. Jenny wants to stay, take a look at this primitive little planet. She spends the whole day with the team. Jack goes out with Gwen and Mickey on a weevil hunt that night. Of course, Jack has to order her not to go after them and of course, she ignores him. When they get back, the list of injuries include a bruised arm, a broken rib, a knock to the head and very nasty scratch. Luckily Jenny only has to worry about the first one. Still, the Doctor borders on complete manic over-protection and cold disapproval. In a...

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