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The First President Of The Progressive Era

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At the beginning of the twentieth century, started the beginning of what we like to call the Progressive Era. President Theodore Roosevelt (26th president), President William Taft (27th president), and President Woodrow Wilson (27th president) were all progressive reformers who formed many policies that our nation, today, still abides by.
The first president of the Progressive Era was President Theodore Roosevelt, many people in his family and then all across America liked to call him “Teddy” for short. Teddy Roosevelt was the youngest president to ever be voted into office. He liked to be associated with the Republican Party but after a year or so of being in office, he started to support the idea of Progressivism. His Square deal, for example, was a good way to show the idea of Progressivism and how Roosevelt did not want every law made to come directly from the Constitution. The creation of the Square Deal was a really good ...view middle of the document...

The most important legislation that was passed by Roosevelt was definitely the FDA and MIA. Without these two acts passed, who knows how long America would have gone with eating contaminated meats. This was a serious problem causing many Americans to become very ill and having a risk of dying. Thanks to Roosevelt, however, food factories today have many rules to abide by.
President William Taft was said to be the president who protected more land than Roosevelt as well as controlling the safety regulations for the mines and railroads. During this time, Taft supported the “Square Deal.” And, passing the 16th amendment, this allowed Congress to have the power to collect taxes on a persons income. Lacking Roosevelt’s strength of mind and personality, many Americans were shocked that he even became president at this time.
By the time Woodrow Wilson began his presidency, many issues were already becoming resolved due to Roosevelt and Taft’s past presidency. However, Wilson had to start somewhere so he did by lowering the taxes. In the year 1913 he established the federal reserve (The federal banking authority in America that performs the functions of a central bank and is used to implement the country's monetary policy, providing a national system of reserve cash available to banks). At the same time, however, he also passed two other acts, the Federal Trade Commission Act and the Clayton Antitrust Act. Because he passed many policies and won the respect of many Americans, he won his second term of presidency in 1916, promising citizens all over the country that World War I will shortly come to an end and they can go about their life in peace once again.
The Progressive Era had its risings and its downfalls just like any other time period in American History, that is what makes our nation better and stronger for the future. Because of the Progressive movement, our government started to process new ideas of ways we can better our nation, government, and business. Creating a new path to our nations success.

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