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The First Rebel Who Changed The Entire World

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“Clean your room. Don’t touch that! Go mow the lawn. You better be studying and nothing else. You must do this assignment or you will fail.” We have all heard these commands scolding from our abecedaries and parents’ mouth at one point in life but now a days you see teenagers not caring for what they are being screamed at or better yet, screaming back at their guardians for giving orders. The man who started this rebel revolution was no different from the teenagers in the 1950’s till he started high school but once he acted out, it was unmistakable he did this on purpose. James Dean, first rebel, was known for disobeying what he was taught by peers and went against what he was told, changing the youth and history in the United States of America. He introduced the thought that sex, violence, fast cars and not listening what others ridicule his actions, is the only way to go and if you were not doing that, you were a spineless coward who was afraid to stand up for yourself. All these actions led up to James Dean making a revolution of rebels which we see today. The idea of rebel today does not have the emphasis as it did in the 1950’s because if you were to act out, they would put you in an institution to “rehabilitate you”, say you are not mentally right and blame the way you act on your guardians. The things James Dean did brought him great attention in life and on the big screen. He established that it was necessary to go against what everyone believes and go into restricted areas in society.The reason why James Dean was iconic for being a rebel was his teenage years that built his character today which he was rebellious all the way from 13 to his adulthood, his acting career since he held a great influence in the media, as well the effect he left due to his death that had later made a domino effect on the way we dress, act, and being more free minded in American society.
On February 8,1931, in Marion, Indiana, a legend was born at the Seven Gables apartments at the corner of McClure Street, and fourth street. His father, Winton Dean and mother, Mildred Wilson, raised him up on a farm they own. The morals that lined his foundation was from his father and Quakerism, which both foundations depleted almost completely later on in life. His childhood in Marion was short lived because his father was going to school to become a dental technician. James moved with his family to Santa Monica, California where he started to attend McKinley Elementary School in 1938 where he went from being more laid back to putting himself out there. James Dean was the same childhood as everyone else in his classes till 1941. James’s mother, Mildred, was suffering from stomach pain that came around in 1938 but little did she know she was suffering uterine cancer. Mildred died on July 14, 1941 which left James and Winton devastated, and helpless. James was close to his mother tjat was one of the only people who understood James in his early life so losing his mother was...

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