The First Stone Essay

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The First Stone-
A young offender’s judicious plot driven odyssey to become a productive member of society
Don Aker makes the novel The First Stone very interesting and intriguing without question because of his effective writing style. He uses simple, understandable, yet powerful vocabulary to draw the reader into each moment of the plot. The sentence structure was not very complex, but I think it was quite appropriate for a teenager to read. The use of the third- person omniscient point of view in the novel really helps the reader experience the story on a more personal level. The author’s narrative voice takes the front seat, and one is able to get inside the mind of the protagonist – ...view middle of the document...

The climax of the story develops quite naturally, with a sense of intensity that is clearly present. Every few chapters or so, the author flips back and forth between narration of Reef’s and Leeza’s lives. Little by little, as time progresses, a turn of events causes the two main characters to be in the same place, in which Reef would change both their lives forever. By making Leeza and Reef as the focal points of the novel, the author makes the target audience feel a connection, and relate the novel to their lives or someone they know who has experience tragic events. Judging by the elements of the novel, the author is looking to get teenagers in high school to develop the habit of reading because of how realistic and appealing the content in the novel is, and how relatable the influence of drugs and alcohol is to young teens that are yet to have a full understanding of life.

The author conveys a simple and meaningful moral for the reader to grasp in the novel. Fundamentally, the message is that actions have consequences. Regardless of how upset Reef was and how uncontrollable his emotions were, he still had to pay for his lack of consideration and ignorance to cause the accident. As the Judge Thomas issues statement in the courtroom, you can see his perspective, “More important than fear of punishment is the need for compassion, the need for better choices, the need for young people who commit crimes to recognise that they are and will continue to be members of society, and that the actions of everyone in that society impact in some way on every other member” (Aker60). Reef was to his fortune not sent to jail, because the judge felt that the only way for young offenders to replenish their character is to realize their wrong doings. Later, on Reef realizes what a great burden he brought to such an innocent girl – Leeza, who had no control whatsoever of her fate. This is very evident in the novel, for example:” Reef nodded. He'd had lots of nightmares like that when he was younger. And a few since the hearing. Since seeing those pictures"(Aker 134). Reef now begins to rue his actions, and he is still startled by the images of Leeza after the accident. This situation happens often to many teens in which they would make a bad decision, and they wish that they could undo their actions because of the negative effect it brought to themselves and to others. Sometimes wrong actions done can take an emotional and psychological toll to the wrongdoer. In this novel, many themes are present but I think the author chose a simple theme for the novel that was laced behind a twisted and complicated sequence of events in the novel. One could simply say that the theme of the novel was the change from bad to good. Looking at the story from a in depth perspective, one could state that the theme was that ultimately anyone could change for the better no matter how difficult the circumstance is , as long as you can accept it and carry on with life. You understand...

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