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The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom is an allegorical story of a man named Eddie who dies, goes to Heaven, and meets five people who, in some way or another, were impacted or had an impact on his life. Whether or not Eddie knew it, God had put these people in Eddie's life for a reason, and he goes to Heaven and finds out answers about his life and the people he is meeting.

The story starts with Eddie, an old man (Eighty years old to be exact) who works at Ruby Pier, a carnival-like amusement park. Eddie has worked there for most all of his life (except when he served in the war), and, even though today is his birthday, he still does everything the same way he would do things any other day. Today would be different though. A thrill ride called Freddy's Free Fall had been stuck with all its passengers at the top of the ride, and it was rather tilted towards the ground. Eddie raced over to tell the man running the ride to get the passengers off and then press the release button. The man did and when he pressed the release button, the cart where the passengers had been fell to the ground. In the midst of all this, Eddie saw a little girl right under the spot where the cart would fall, and, despite his bad leg, he ran over to save the little girl as the cart was falling. All he felt was her little hands and then, pain followed by the feeling of floating.

Eddie, not knowing whether he had saved the little girl, had died and now he was in heaven. He felt no pain or sadness. He was just floating over fields of unimaginable colors. When he finally landed, he was at Ruby Pier, but it was the Ruby Pier from his childhood. He then heard a voice over the loudspeaker saying there was a freak show at a certain tent and Eddie went to that tent. There was a blue-skinned man sitting in a chair that Eddie tried to speak to, but he could not get the words out. At this point, Eddie was very confused, and then, almost as if the blue man could hear Eddie's thoughts, began to tell Eddie all about why he was here and about himself. Eddie is told that the blue man was one of five people he would meet on his journey, and this journey was to find out answers about his life that he would not have ever know. These five people were in some way, a big part of Eddie's life whether Eddie knew it or not.

The blue man, whose real name is Joseph Corvelzchik, proceeds to tell Eddie all about his past and the reason his skin turned blue. This is because he had taken nitroglycerin for a nerve condition that he had, and it turned his skin blue and caused all his hair to fall out. Eddie (who is now barely able to speak) vaguely remembers this man from his childhood but does not realize what important part this man had in his life. Joseph then tells Eddie how he killed him. Eddie does not believe it until Joseph shows him a time where Eddie and his friends were playing stickball in his yard when the ball rolled into the street. Eddie went to...

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