The Five Stages Of The Negotiation Process In Diplomacy

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Diplomacy has a variety of definitions which depending on the user perspectives on the term “diplomacy”. In the context of international relations, diplomacy is the negotiator’s ability in conducting negotiations between the representatives of nation states in a peaceful manner. The essential of negotiation is to resolve a conflict without offending others. According to Iragorri (2003), an effective negotiation is being able to achieve mutual agreement by peaceful means. The process of a negotiation in diplomacy goes through five important stages that is preparation, discussion, proposing, bargaining and settling process (refer to Figure 1 in Appendix 1).

The first stage of the negotiation is preparation. It is the fundamental process of negotiation. The purpose of preparation is to identify the opposing interests and priorities on the issue addressed (Ya’akub, 2014). The negotiator must have the information and knowledge of factual facts regarding the issue discussed. In addition, it is also to ensure that the negotiator be knowledgeable about the relevant information of the matter addressed. During this stage, the preparation includes the outlining of both sides negotiator interests for the purpose of identifying common interests among them (Ya’akub, 2014). It is important in order to ensure that mutual agreement will be achieved. This is because both sides of negotiator will have different interest in the same issue that will be addressed. Other than that, the preparation also includes the preparation for alternative options in case the initial options are rejected. As for this reason, the outcome of the negotiation is depending on how well does the negotiator being prepared for any possible change of plan. Moreover, the negotiator’s speech and the argument points also need to be well organised and precise. The language used must be relatively formal and objective. This is to avoid the sentimental feeling on the matter discussed and being respectful to the negotiator position.

The second stage is the discussion process. The purpose of the discussion is to exchange information (Ya’akub, 2014). In the process of discussion, both sides of negotiator will have the chances of getting to know each other more. Instead of arguing on the opposing interests, both sides of negotiator will come into consensus upon making known of the information regarding the matter discussed (Ya’akub, 2014). This is done by both sides of negotiator stating their own (Ya’akub, 2014). This is to ensure that both sides of negotiator have access to the details and additional information. The discussion regarding the information exchanged includes the differences and common interests on the matter addressed which will be used as a constructive support. This encourages both sides of negotiator being able to gain mutual benefits as a result of the discussion process. In addition to exchanging information, both sides of negotiator have the sense of inquiry regarding the...

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