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The Five Themes of Geography are: Location – Absolute points on a map or grid or Relative to where something may be; Place – The physical and/or human characteristics of a locations; Human/Environment Interactions – How humans have impacted the landscape or environment; Relationship between places Movement – How humans interact on the earth (i.e. how they communicate over distance (short or long)) and Regions – a unit of space that has commonalities defined by physical, human and environmental geography. The Explorers of the New World may have not known what the Five Themes of Geography were but they quickly learned. Of the five themes the ones that they all took advantage of was the ...view middle of the document...

Although, early explorer would use physical traits of the land as landmarks for them to be able to find their way back, the colonist utilized these attributes to be able to identify useful land and preoccupied lands (although the latter sometimes did not matter as much). John Smith learned to move his people to places with safer water during the summer months as the indigenous people would and bring them back afterward.
Human interactions with the environment in the early settlements were somewhat disastrous as the settlers believed that the climates of Europe would parlay to the New World. This was most evidenced in the Jamestown settlement. Many settlers, unaware of the unhealthy James River estuary during summer months, fell ill and/or died as a result of disease normally associated with drinking from a polluted water source. The settlers believed in settled farming, basically clearing the land and farming (planting crops and raising animals). Along with the problem estuary of the James this had a profound impact on the land they inhabited, some good and some bad. Animals such as the horse, sheep, cattle and pigs, to name a few, were introduced to the new world which impacted the environment. Most were grazing animals, meaning that they would feed on the plant life (mostly grasses and weeds). These animals would clear lands forcing herders to move to more fertile ground...

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