The Flaws Of Romeo And Juliet

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Life is full of the unpredictable. As humans, some of us believe it is guided by fate or by choice. Fate is defined as an unavoidable or predetermined path, yet a life of choice is guided through the risks one is willing to take. A life of choice can be in many scenarios, not only in reality, but also in stories, legends and plays. In the play “Romeo and Juliet”, Shakespeare determines the outcome of flaws through the ancient grudge, Romeo’s **and Old Capulet’s threat.
The Capulet’s and Montague’s ancient struggle has a great impact on the outcome of the plot. The hatred has restricted their children from loving who they desire. The hate between the families is so great, they do not spend the time to understand their children and support them. Some say parents know what’s best for you, but in this case, it is proven wrong. That is where the flaws come into play. Capulet and Montague spend too much time on their own hateful matters than focusing on their child’s future. They do not understand that their children are more important than the hatred they have for the other household. Capulet and Montague’s hate had already created a blockade between the young lovers, yet Romeo and Juliet still urged to love each other even though they knew their consequences. From that, Romeo and Juliet sacrificed anything to be with each other. For instance, in the end, Romeo went through all the multiple struggles to die beside Juliet, and Juliet had taken the potion and went through all the pain just to be with Romeo. Suppose the hatred is replaced with brotherhood, it is sure that Romeo and Juliet would not have to overcome any death related obstacles. Therefore, the ancient struggle between the two families played a great role that proves this play to be a tragedy of flaws.
The many mistakes caused throughout the play are from the doings of Romeo. From the moment they first met, Romeo and Juliet had fallen deeply in love, from that moment on, they did not care whether their parents objected or if there were severe risks that come into play, they knew they were meant for each other and that was all they cared for. The love is not the cause but it is the way Romeo defines his love for Juliet. In the beginning of the play, Romeo had the right to avoid trespassing into the Capulet’s party, yet he still intruded even though he already knew the outcome of his dream. From then on, that is where the struggles built, for Romeo had begun the climax the moment he walked up to Juliet. Romeo had the choice to forget about Rosaline when he...

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