The Flexibility In Thailand Essay

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Value system chosen: Flexibility
1. Choose one of the most dominant value systems in your country/culture (for example, a certain religion, ethical theory, political idea or social norm). State its name; describe briefly why you chose it (approximately 100 words/2points)
One of the most dominant value systems in Thailand regarding cultures and social norm is the flexibility in each individual’s character. Flexibility here refers to the act of being flexible with surroundings such as time, rules, and human relationship. The reason for choosing this topic is because the culture of being flexible in Thai society is so strong and distinct that it becomes fascinating once compared to the ...view middle of the document...

According to the book “Immigration to Thailand”, being “Kreng Jai” is a fundamental aspect of Thai behavior (Steven, 2008). It is known worldwide with great reputation that Thai people are very polite and considerate, which leads to another fundamental statement of “Mai Pen Rai ” which means, “Never Mind” or “It’s Okay” in English. This attitude of Thai people can be seen in almost any situation. The reason behind this attitude is from the mix of principles from Buddhist doctrine and the knowledge and understanding about land and agriculture (Steven, 2008). Since the historical time, farming and agriculture are the important ways of life of Thai people and all the actions are determined, affected, and deliberated by the soil and seasons, meaning that they are living in the situations or conditions that they cannot always control or change. Therefore, they thought that there is no need to worry about it, and eventually, that became a habit and mindset for Thai people (Steven, 2008). Together with the belief in Buddhist doctrine, teaching everyone to be calm, learn to forgive, and let things go, results in the belief within each individual of happiness coming when they do not worry too much about something and just let things go (Glaharn, 2011). These two fundamental principles are the root to the social norm and value of flexibility in Thailand.
3. Explain briefly what you think is good about those statements / fundamental principles and practices related to them (300 words or more / 5 points)
This fundamental principle has a number of positive outcomes in the society in Thailand. Firstly, it affects Thai people’s personality, creating a positive personality for good human relationship. In Thai society, those who are being “Kreng Jai” are considered humble, respective, considerate and nice. Since the root of the attitude comes from nature, others actions become one of the things an individual cannot control and they need to respect those actions (Rowley & Warner, 2007). Forgiving is another matter from Buddhism doctrine and it has resulted in the attitude of being “Mai Pen Rai”. More than 90 percent of Thais are Buddhist, where the teaching to care for others more than to care for oneself or the belief of giving more than one takes is stressed (Rowley & Warner, 2007). Therefore, peace and friendliness among the local environment in Thailand become major characteristic as a well-known reputation to foreigners. This becomes one of the things that attract tourists to come and have a first hand experience in Thailand (__________). In another word, being friendly and nice to others helps boost up Thailand’s tourism industry in a sustainable way since tourists can get a positive impressions of the locals and wanting to visit the country again.
Secondly, it also helps to create positive effects to the workplace environment. Since this attitude affects people in many angles, working condition is also one of them. Relatively to other cultures,...

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